Please come and join us at this sisters fundraising event in Aid of The London School Of Janazaa Funeral fund for those who cannot afford burials or have no families to bury them and Newham Islamic Learning Centres Human Aid Syria Appeal for Human Aid UK Orphan Village.

Contact Naila 07852882428 for tickets and info


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Regular activites

Teens Tajweed

Weekly Tajweed class for Sisters 11-16

Sat & Sun 1:00 – 1:45

Sister’s Tajweed

Mondays 1-3

Islamic Parenting Classes

Advice and tips on raising healthy and happy Muslim children. Behaviour techniques, communication, setting a routine, discipline and boundaries.

Wed 11am – 1pm

£7.50 a session payable in advance.

Muslimah Directions HalaqahEmpowering local Muslim women by sharing knowledge and providing, support, encouragement and friendship, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Using Islamic reminders, and examples that we can implement in our every day lives.Fortnightly Starting Wed 4th Sept 1pm – 3pm

Syria Human Aid Convoy

a member of our management team will be driving an ambulance to Syria on the Human Aid convoy in December inshaAlah. We will be fundraising for the NILC ambulance.

  1. Maliha Rashid

    Salam ,
    We live in Beckton and there are no study circles or Islamic classes , could you let us know if you know of any classes that me and my mum can attend inshallah .

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