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The danger of nationalism

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Yesterday I had a realisation. A realisation of why nationalism is so dangerous. Of why it is condemned so badly. I want to share with you part of a facebook chat, in which I was trying to find out about the events in Pakistan, and the conversation meandered to encompass past events, from the perspective of those people who were living in the country at the time. I will leave you to guess which one I am!


so then did he attack?


Women nd children slept ourside in the cold while he stayed in his 5 star heated bunker .if it was imran khan he would have slept outside in the cold with everone


So they all got scared and then wanted to discuss with him
He gave his points and stuff told them we want this out new elections and lots of other beneficial for the public and the government said yea

So really he won and now he left Islamabad and shod be coming back to Canada shortly


Big deep breath

A I knew u wod say sumfn opposite
Us pakis are werid why do we have to suspect


Basicily it was conspiracy to side line imran khan nd thats what has happend


We gvn the butaz xardari and te bolides a chance


Y its true the man’s not sincere


Oh come on
He had no agenda
He point
No party


suspicion is haram

how is his character before this?


Yes Imran didn’t join him bt that his loss h cod be wrong Allah knows
So u and me the illiterate about politics shod just enjoy the British country and say allahumdullia we ain’t in Pak


If i made a mosque i would only make for ALlah swt nd to get sawab but why has he got such a huge mega pic of himsel outsid. The mosque? Never seen anyother mosques with photos of the ppl who made them..


The mosque on romford rd the pics outside


we are not illiterate lol


Yea well we dnt no te deep do we

They are sly


Yeap true personal opinions but ALlah swt knows best


But i did like benazir bhutto


but we are not bystanders

we should be involved in politics man

politics is just making sure people have good life

Allah swt knows best, but he has Given us Quran to tell us how to live

to live by Allah swt law that is the best.


Yes true


but it wont happen unless we make it happen

we cant just say nah leave it to someone else

and even if we dont achieve it, that is in Allahs hands, it is fardh on us to strive for it


The one who looted the country and ran off to uk or USA lived here for so long escaped her punishment and decides to go back and face the music
Bt her hubby gets her killed and ppl
Lame illiterate ppl again become emotinal and gv him the vote
Imean what does he know about politics



thats what my husband said yesterday

he gone look at bangladesh two of the prime ministers been women

both their husbands mysteriously dies




in reality it is coz the women are easier to control then the men


It’s the kursi man

U dnt wana gv it


so they kill the men get the women in power and she is just a puppet




you know when the first Caliph died, the others argued coz they didnt want to be caliph

they knew it was big responsibility

and look now dont wanna give up kursi lol


They shod have called the pakis
They be more happy to take over


No man i mean benazir was so educated nd stuff nd ppl say what does imram khan no about politics but u hav to let somone new in if u wamt change what hav the others done?


change has to be the right change though, not just change coz it is good to change




we just said Allah has given us the best law, the law which is most beneficial to us


Even though i think musharaff was excellemt


the best change is the change towards that

what is the measure of excellence though?


Yes musharf was cook


Had gd English and had personality

Although his was a gaddar


^^ is that why he was good?


No n when he was in charge he ram the country good he’s frm the army has good disipline





a, my point is, that as Muslims we measure good by the means Allah swt gave us


I do not know what he did, but if he brought the country closer to the lwas of Allah is good

if he let americans have army basses in pakistan and kill civillians and kidnap and torture peopl from his country then he wasnt good


Few his good points
He gave media the freedom
He took of our debts
He stopped porn
He gave women their rights and more

He was good first then went bad


Wasn’t his fault though when the whole world was angry about 9/11 he couldn’t say no or face having pak bombed on nd sanctions i no its selfish but that was the choice




a that is the problem

everyone is scared of america

people gonna let them in to kill kids and rape women and we gonna say it is not his fault he had no choice


in the time of the sahabah the whole army went to war for the honour of one woman


Me i support imran


now is aslong as our country is ok it dont matter if we make deals with this shayteen?

i wouldnt support a muslim without a beards man



Wel N those Days are gone

We cnt compare that


what the fuck man

we are supposed to follow the way of the pious predecessors

not say those days are gone

we are supposed to follow Allahs shariah

and if it is not being implented then we are supposed to try and get it implemented

y you might as well say those days are gone we dont need to wear hijab man




The Americans justify it saying there targetting terrorists


I dnt no we ain’t the ones to lead that are we
It’s the men
Plus it says in the Quran Allah has made it like that
Look there will be a time not even a single Muslim will pray
The nearer we come to qaamat we getting worse

It’s coz the life


it says in the Quran we are commandeed to enjoin all good and forbid all evil


what we gonna sya there is gonna be a time where no muslims will opray so lets not pray then?


Yes bt Allah has to fill the jahanunum aswel int


the women did a lot too man

there is enough non muslims to fill jahannam

a just said women and kids were sleeping along the march with al qadhi


Yes women spent 5 days slept on the rd with kids in te frozen


see so women do get involved to


They wanted a change


if women want to change the way things are they have to get involved in politics.

There are two things that struck me from this conversation. The first is something that made me angry. Angry in the way that you just cant help it, that hot feeling came from inside me. That was when I was told we cannot be like the sahabah, we cannot expect men the state to defend the honour of women.  We should still strive to be like the sahabah,

But the part that really affected me and will stay with me forever, was “A” saying Musharraf had no choice, he had to protect his people.

Like only Pakistanis are his people. That because of an imaginary red line on the map, drawn by kuffar, that the people on the other side of the line are not his people. SubhanAllah, are we not one Ummah? are we not brothers and sisters? Do we not care if our Muslim leaders aid and abet the killing and torture and rape of our brothers and sisters and children as long as they are on the other side or an arbitrary line, are they not from us, not part of us because of accidents of births? and as Muslims we support these leaders? welcome them? praise them? defend them? defend those who let the shayteen in to our homes? In doing so can we say these countries are dar ul Islam, or do they become dar ul harb? Can we say going to such countries is hijrah? how can it be?

The realisation of nationalism meaning it is ok if you kill those on the other side or the border as long as Pakistan zindabad, really stuck with me.

It was one of those things where I had read and learnt about nationalism, but the full realisation had not quite struck me till yesterday.


Ya ummati, join together, do not fall for the remenants of the colonial divide and conquer system, together we are strong, but divided we are like the froth on the sea.

 the messenger of Allah said: “It is near that the nations will call one another against you just as the eaters call one another to their dishes.” Somebody asked: “Is this because we will be few in numbers that day?” He said: “Nay, but that day you shall be numerous, but you will be like the foam of the sea, and Allah will take the fear of you away from your enemies and will place weakness into your hearts.” Somebody asked: “What is this weakness?” He said: “The love of the world and the dislike of death.” (Abu Daud)

a few relevant hadiths.

Abu Hurairah reported that whilst the prophet, Allah blessed him and granted him peace, was talking, a Bedouin came to him and asked: “When will the hour come to pass?” He replied: “Wait for the hour when trust will be destroyed.” He asked, how it would be destroyed, and he said: “Wait for the hour when the rule will be entrusted to those who don’t deserve it.” (Bukhari)

and a reminder of what Ummah means.

“The Muslim Ummah is like one body. If the eye is in pain then the whole body is in pain and if the head is in pain then the whole body is in pain”

Nationalism is the enemy of ummah. It is what prevents the Ummah from being strong.


Where is Islam?

An Appeal to the Ummah in the World

A Collective Consciousness and TJP Production

By Siraj Davis


The biggest enemy of our efforts are not those of other nations supporting the crimes against our btohers and sisters. It is our own Muslim brothers and sisters who either collaborate or remain silent.

This is how every form of occupation is effective.

Look at how many times slave rebellions in America were foiled by slaves telling their masters. The majority of them were. The same in colonialism. Without the support of collaborators amongst the Vietnamese, French colonialism could not have been successful. It was the Emporor Bao Gia who first invited the French into his kingdom of Vietnam to protect him from rebels. After that, every Vietnamese ruler after him was a puppet of the French.

Can you think of any countries in the Middle East playing the same role?

Many of my brothers and sisters of Islam know way more about Islam than I…

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Charity vs Reality of War.

The sister speaks of the realities of war in Syria, the effect on her immediate family, her experiences of visiting Syria and other countries.

She also speaks of the effects of the charity we give, and the uselessness of it.

Video: Khilafah – The Forgotten Obligation

“They have determined that the greatest threat to western civilization and continued dominance of Western culture is to make sure, that no nation amongst the Muslims develops amongst themselves a global identity, and secondly that they never ever ever have the ability to re establish a khilafah….

this division is subtle and hidden, meaning most Muslims wouldn’t even know it….

The Muslims are divided in to the following social political groups, Asians, Arabs, Africans, those of the far east, those of the near east, those of European american and Australasian, those of Slavic and Russian, and those of south American,”

Look how they divide us! exploit our cultural differences! subhanAllah

and the prophet Muhammad sas said “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood.”

O Muslims where is that now!

We are the cogs

We are the cogs

This ummah is like a clock, each cog works together to make it operate.

The little wheel & the big wheel are all part of the same clockwork, as you realize if you think about it. In a clockwork, little wheels do spin & spin, & mesh with larger wheels. The spin & spin of the little wheels becomes, at the places where they join, the powerful but more deliberate motion of the larger wheels. It is in fact all the same motion, transformed. That is in the nature of clockworks, and other machines.

When a cog is damaged & moves slightly away from another cog, this hinders the clock from operating.

Thus that useless cog is thrown in the bin & replaced with another cog.


#Time is running out – blood is being shed – Allah is waiting to account

instead of being cogs in the ummah of Muhammad sallalahu allayhi wa salaam, we are cogs of a different machinery,

Shaytan sins big but we sin small.
Yet we are all, when you look behind things—and perhaps at varying levels of complicity—the systems men. We pay its taxes and walk along its highways. When it is victorious, we go to his party. And we even get to vote thumbs down every once in a while.
One thumb is trivial.

Whose carnival is it?

Of course, times have changed moved on. We only drive cars. (Cars built in the systems factory, where all of us work.)

But the system is a prideful puppet, a mighty voice. We shake before it, and say it must be subdued, reigned in.
Yet behind the curtain, speaking into the microphone and working mightily at the levers, why that is us too.
Without his men, there is no system. Without the cogs, there is no machine.
We are currently part of a machine which is devouring the earth, which is stealing any chance of a good life from our grandchildren.
Our prosperity—our fashions & our throw-away technology—is a product of the machine, and our continuing prosperity can only be purchased at the cost of our grandchildren’s poverty.
Little wheel spin & spin
We can continue, and choose to add our little spin & spin to the great clockwork.
Or we can choose not.

and we need to remeber, who is behind the system?

what is the conspiracy?

With whose help do the most powerful men in the earth rule? Whose work are they doing? Whose system are they implementing?

So we are cogs, Whose machine will we be part off?

Currency of Islam

Towards Falah

Muslims are the currency of Islam.

According to most recent statistics, Muslims make up roughly 22% of the world population (and growing, alhamdulillah).

At some point, the population of the ummah will force a change in the economy to make global and local economic exchanges shariah compliant.

At some point, the population of the ummah will exceed the populations of other religions – becoming the world’s largest religion – forcing a change in social order to make global and local social exchanges shariah compliant.

Rather than fearing shariah, look into it. It isn’t as scary as it has been made out to be. Quite the opposite, it is just, it is fair, it is practical, it is precise… it is stable… it is that social shift many have been revolting towards (but never quite getting right), praying for, dreaming about, and writing and theorizing about… Alhamdulillah, it has always been…

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Just say Subhan’Allah!


Found this picture. To amazing to not share, Inshallah. If there is any faults in here, please forgive me!

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Unite Individually, Think Globally

AbuMubarak's Blog

It is high time that Muslims on all levels begin the process of uniting with other Muslims.  We cannot do this on an international level, YET, but we can do it on a local level.  It is time to bring our differences to the table and leave off those things that are not important and only use the the love of Allah and this deen as the defining of who is and who is not our brother.

Differences in fiqh, methodology, and application should not be barriers against the unification of this Ummah.  My sheikh vs your sheikh is not an Islamic concept but a concept by shaytan to sow dissension within the ranks.

This is not an advocation of sunni/shia unification.  This is not an advocation of those Muslims who support tyrants, dictators and oppressors. Or Muslims who advocate and justify spying on other muslims for the kuffar or…

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Ramadan 1433

Ramadan 1433.

The August sky just before fajr this Ramadan took my breath away. The glittery stars coupled with two planets – the last I checked online, it said that they were Mars and Venus though I’m not too sure of the reliability of this information – greeted me nightly as I stood at the balcony of my apartment to take my ablution. After almost two weeks of seeing those stars, I felt compelled to readSurah An-Najm which brought me to another level of awareness about something I was previously incognizant of.  Upon retrospection, I realized that there are also many verses from the Quran which I’d read this Ramadan that had offered me food for thought and brought new levels of awareness and perception towards the world, alhamdulillah.

I’m definitely going to miss the baraqah that Allah blesses all mankind during Ramadan. Beyond the obligatory act of fasting, the beauty and sense of peace I derive from simple pleasures like reading the Quran, performing my prayers and many more makes me feel utterly grateful to Allah for allowing me to live just that bit more to experience Ramadan and perform some ibadah during this month.

I cannot begin to imagine what the future will bring for me within the next one year. Regardless, I really pray that Allah grants me an opportunity to experience yet more months of Ramadan in the years to come, insyaAllah amin.

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