NILC Madrassa aims to provide quality Qur’an and Islamic Studies for children from the age of four onwards. We offer weekday classes; Monday to Thursday 5:00pm – 7:00pm and Saturday & Sunday 2pm – 6pm.

Our teachers are fully qualified, and have tajweed checked. We offer a curriculum teaching Qaida, basic fiqh, Seerah, Madinah Arabic, Hifdh, Duas and Names of Allah.

We have male and female teachers and practice segregation between the older boys and girls. We aim to maintain maximum class sizes of 10.

In addition to our four teaching staff we are supported by teaching assistants, whose primary role is admin and mentoring of the children. Twice a week for the weekday children or once a week for weekend, these staff will spend time with the student checking their folders and diaries, finding out if there are any concerns and generally getting to know the child so we are able to see the best way to support them.

We recognise that the child’s first education is from the home, and we strive to have effective communication with parents, through the use of diaries and reports which are checked regularly for signatures. We also have many events which we invite parents to, and opportunities to meet with the teacher. We do not want to be a madrassah in which parents just leave the kids at the door and have no idea of what is going on inside. As well as teachers we wish to be role models and create a community.

If you are interested in enrolling your child/children to the Madrassa then please come along during madrassa hours. 

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Madrassah Eid Celebrations

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Tutors Testimonials

In the Name of Allah the most great and high:

I have been working for for Newham Islamic Learning Centre for a while now. I
believe that when we teach our kids about Islam its not just merely
reading Qaidah and memorising. Islam also teaches us to be happy and
joyful within the boundaries of (Allah swt).
The experience we have with young Muslim students is excellent here.
Recently we have been taking kids to enjoy days out in the park. This has made me gain
a perspective and brought about a realisation of the importance of play to childrens learning and development. The kids enjoy these outings very much and they
help me get to know them and bond with them.

My thoughts are that we need more of these outgoing activities in our Islamic schools and to be more
interactive with our students. Lets make it fun and different!

 Our Prophet SAW enjoyed being with children and gave them alot of attention because he knew they are the future of our Ummah who will carry our beacon of Islam for generations to come. We need to follow his example in the love, care, attention and education we give to, not just our own children, but all the children in our community.

Safian Khan

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  1. Please can you contact in regards to enrolling my 2 daughters inshallah

  2. What would be the fees for two children age 6-8 for week-end madrassah please?

  3. salam , age 5 week end class fee please?

  4. Aslaamwalikum.. Can you advise me of where exactly you are based? Also what are the weekday fees? My daughter is 4 years old and will need to be taught the basics first i.e qaida etc.. Also Will it be a female teaching? Can i be flexible on what days i bring her in?
    My email address is if you can please advise – Jazakhallah

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