NILC Family Seaside Eid Outing

Dear Supporters,

On Thursday 15th of August NILC took over 20 families to Shoeburyness beach for a family Eid celebration. The aim of this outing was to promote family cohesion and togetherness as well as to provide new experiences for families and children. We wanted to give people an opportunity to do something new, which they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise. Out of the families who attended, none had been to Shoeburyness before and at the end of the trip, every one said they would feel confident in returning to the same beach independently.

Shoeburyness though near in distance, in nature is far from the hustle and bustle of Southend. We found a picturesque, relaxing and welcoming seaside town. While we relaxed on the grassy embankment, the children were able to freely run around the play area and beach, without us fearing we would lose sight of them. The walled sea lido provided an opportunity for us to amuse ourselves in the sea water even when the tide was out, and many adults and children made the most of this! It was an incredibly serene and tranquil environment which was so easy and quick to get to! Thank you to all those who came and made our trip a success.

It was honestly amazing, we had our own family time which was great! My husband is definitely going to drive us down here again!”


The seaside trip was wonderful, the best bit was swimming, the nice things were that there was a lot of water you can nicely go in, and at the end you can look for creatures which is really fun, I saw a crab. We can make a rocky sand castle. Going to the park was really cool and fun! Climbing up and down the rocks was really fun. Having our friends there was better than just going with our own family. Thank you.”



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