Creative Deen 2 19/8/13 – 29/8/13

Creative Deen 2, Summer activities club  was run from  19th to 22nd and 26th to 29th August.

We believe Children learn best through being actively involved, through doing and experiences that will InshaAllah be entrenched on their memory. “Learning through play” is a well documented and researched teaching philosophy which we aim to utilise to benefit our children’s Islamic upbringing. As well as Islamic activities, this holidays we aimed to step up a gear, introducing an integrated curriculum which spanned “Islamic” and “secular” learning. As we know all knowledge comes from Allah. Islam is not separate from the every day world, and we aimed to demonstrate this to the children we teach and help them develop their natural curiosity for learning, and critical thinking, by showing them that subjects do not always have to be compartmentalised in to “deen “ and “dunya”. Here are some of the things we did over the past two weeks:

We learnt about Angels, their names and duties. As we know angels control the weather, we then made kites, talked about how to measure the weather and learnt the dua for strong winds.


We learnt about Allah as Al Khaliq, and the signs of Allah being all around us. We then made collages of the beauty in Creation. After this we learnt about the life cycle and plants of a part as a demonstration of the perfection of Allah’s creation.

We learnt about how animals also worship Allah. We studied spiders and made spider’s webs, told the story of the elephants, and the spider from The Seerah, and we practiced Surah Fil.

We learnt about the status of parents in Islam,  and we made cards for our mums. We also talked about rhyming words and poetic devices, and wrote poetry about our mothers.


The children learnt about tawheed, and how Allah is without need, and they made posters, to let others know about this!


We learnt about the first revelation, and how the first command sent in the Quran was “iqra”. We then used stencils to make Iqra artwork

And learnt how tom make tissue paper flowers.

InshaAllah we will be continuing Creative Deen workshops in the half term, and also have plans to offer workshops for home-schooling children.



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