Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

I am a counsellor with over 26 years experience of providing various types of counselling all within an Islamic framework.  I currently practice in East London, but am also available for telephone and Skype consultations for those further afield.  My fields of specialty include:

Marriage Counselling

Youth Counselling

Confidence Building & Assertiveness Training

Dealing with Depression



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I began my career as a Nursery Nurse and Youth Worker and am qualified in both.  From this, I went on to run various support groups for women within my local community in East London, working with the Local Authority in Newham assisting and supporting women in crisis who were suffering from problems such as domestic violence and mental health issues.  My passion for helping others led me to gain my Certificate in Counselling, further to which I have undertaken training in the fields of mediation, domestic violence, self-harm and NLP.

In addition to my counselling, I am currently running support groups for Muslim women, tackling issues such as coping with stress and depression, building self-confidence, dealing with relationships within marriage and families, health related issues and relaxation techniques.  I also undertake workshops on marriage and good housekeeping skills as well as assisting in life coaching and assertiveness seminars.

After 26 years of running support groups and counselling women, I have come to understand that many underlying issues are linked to childhood trauma and these have manifested in the adults that I see. These  issues of parenti g urgently need to be addressed in our community and with this in mind, I will be running Islamic Positive Parenting workshops insha’Allah.

My many years of experience, coupled with my approach from an Islamic perspective has enabled me to tailor my counselling to suit my clients individual needs and by Allah’s permission, I have many clients who have found counselling has allowed them to lead happier, more emotionally stable and fulfilling lives.

If you require any further information regarding my counselling services or workshops listed below, I can be contacted on 07909 941 179 or by email at


Umm Asim

Counselling Services                               Workshops

Marriage                                                   Positive Parenting

Youth Counselling                                      Pre-marriage/ marriage

Mediation                                                  Effective Communication

Domestic Violence & Abuse                        Conflict Resolution

website is
Fb page sukoon healing


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