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The fruit of fitnah

Laid out
In front of you glittering gold
You can almost touch it,
Taste it,
Who’s in control?

Let your mind wander,
Senses taken over,
dripping honey,
Sickly sweet,
Tummy rumbling,
You’ve got to eat.

in excited air.
No doubt you want it,
And It’s so near.

Dazzle your mind.
The sweetness
you will find.

Reach out and take it
Don’t let it go cold.
grab the glitter,
Who is in control?

Witness the shine fade,
The light drift away,
The bloods already spilt.

Days filled with darkness,
Tears that can’t be consoled.
Didn’t you know that,
Shaytaan was in control?


Babar Ahmad: One Day

May Allah keep him and his family strong and reward them and all others unfairly incarcerated for their struggles.


One day…

The sun will shine again.
The flowers will blossom again.
The birds will sing again.

One day…

The rain will fall again.
The rivers will flow again.
The gardens will be green again.

One day…

The lips will smile.
The tears will dry.
The prayers will be answered.

One day…

The shackles will break.
The darkness will end.
The doors will open…

and justice will prevail

-Babar Ahmad, HMP Long Lartin

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She follows your lead!!

SIncere and heartfelt advice to the brothers from a performance poet and supporter of Nour DOmestic Violence, Abdullah Shariff.

Standing up against all the accusations of the immorality of women these days, and the lack of Muslim Queens.

subhanAllah, this had me in tears, it is so true, a lot of it I can identify with.

The Blanket Of Bliss

so true mashallah

Islam Shall Return

This Dunya…
Is nothing but a blanket of Bliss.
Who took it as their abode,
Surely are the ones lost.
Deception of evil,
Transformed them into puppets.
What’s to it but a moment,
Traded for immortality of joy.
Where the purpose is to worship,
Failed are many.
Creation we are,
To our Creator we’ll return…
-Fahed Tarmoom

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My path

Dawah Directions

One moment of clarity,

Engraved in my memory,

Two paths unfurled before me,

Who will I be?

The girl I am now,

So young and carefree?

Living the life,

Or so it seems.

Inside I am empty,

Despite how hard I try,

With temporary joys!

To fill the void.

In this moment I see clearly,

Fun and laughter,

Sun and Sand,

Exotic indulgences,

Wealth, career plans

But my breast is heavy,

My purpose unknown,

Deep down inside,

I still feel alone.

In the same moment I see,

Hard work and struggles,

The glitter is gone,

Steady and settled,

Less of the fun.

But more of the meaning,

My mind is still

The hole in my life,

It has been filled.

I am mother and wife,

Steady and strong,

I have a family where I belong.

The ummah is with me and me with them,

As I worship Allah,

I am…

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