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Nilc madrassah Park trip March 14

Homeless & Needy Meals



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Saverah Fashion Weekend at GPU

Saverah Fashion Weekend 13Saverah Islamic Fashion Weekend

In collaboration with

The Global Peace & Unity Event | Excel London

23rd & 24th November 2013, 12:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

LONDON – Saverah Events and its official partner The Global Peace and Unity Foundation are pleased to announce the launch of the first annual Saverah Fashion Weekend 2013 on the 23rd and 24th November at Excel London.

The award winning Excel centre in London will witness two days of fashion extravaganza where 20-25 Islamic designers and fashion houses from UK and abroad will showcase their creativity to the UK audience.

SFW aims to provide a platform to showcase modest collections from some of the very best Islamic designers along with new talent who dare to challenge conventional thinking and demonstrate how modesty can be fabulously stylish.

Saverah Fashion Weekend is an eagerly awaited event presenting the latest collections of exceptional up and coming designers. In addition to being a unique opportunity for talented fashion designers, the event promises to attract the participation of some of the most creative makeup artists, trend setting hijab stylists and cosmetic companies.

Designers or their representatives will be available to take orders on the spot and answer any questions to the press and media.

This fashion show is organised by Saverah Events in collaboration with GPU foundation.  Saverah Events continue to grow progressively each year presenting Women empowerment events along with Fashion Shows.

Saverah Fashion Weekend 2013 in collaboration with the Global Peace & Unity event will take place at Excel London on the 23rd and 24th November 2013 from 1200-2000 hrs.


For press passes please email us on

Tickets are for only £20.00 per person and include entrance to the Global Peace & Unity Event on the 23rd and 24th November and 1 fashion show. Tickets can be booked by visiting

For enquiries email us on or call us on 0203 384 6839


Creative Deen 2

Creative Deen 2, Summer activities club  was run from  19th to 22nd and 26th to 29th August.

We believe Children learn best through being actively involved, through doing and experiences that will InshaAllah be entrenched on their memory. “Learning through play” is a well documented and researched teaching philosophy which we aim to utilise to benefit our children’s Islamic upbringing. As well as Islamic activities, this holidays we aimed to step up a gear, introducing an integrated curriculum which spanned “Islamic” and “secular” learning. As we know all knowledge comes from Allah. Islam is not separate from the every day world, and we aimed to demonstrate this to the children we teach and help them develop their natural curiosity for learning, and critical thinking, by showing them that subjects do not always have to be compartmentalised in to “deen “ and “dunya”. Here are some of the things we did over the past two weeks:

We learnt about Angels, their names and duties. As we know angels control the weather, we then made kites, talked about how to measure the weather and learnt the dua for strong winds.


We learnt about Allah as Al Khaliq, and the signs of Allah being all around us. We then made collages of the beauty in Creation. After this we learnt about the life cycle and plants of a part as a demonstration of the perfection of Allah’s creation.

We learnt about how animals also worship Allah. We studied spiders and made spider’s webs, told the story of the elephants, and the spider from The Seerah, and we practiced Surah Fil.

We learnt about the status of parents in Islam,  and we made cards for our mums. We also talked about rhyming words and poetic devices, and wrote poetry about our mothers.


The children learnt about tawheed, and how Allah is without need, and they made posters, to let others know about this!


We learnt about the first revelation, and how the first command sent in the Quran was “iqra”. We then used stencils to make Iqra artwork

And learnt how tom make tissue paper flowers.

InshaAllah we will be continuing Creative Deen workshops in the half term, and also have plans to offer workshops for home-schooling children.


NILC Family Eid Seaside Outing

Dear Supporters,

On Thursday 15th of August NILC took over 20 families to Shoeburyness beach for a family Eid celebration. The aim of this outing was to promote family cohesion and togetherness as well as to provide new experiences for families and children. We wanted to give people an opportunity to do something new, which they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise. Out of the families who attended, none had been to Shoeburyness before and at the end of the trip, every one said they would feel confident in returning to the same beach independently.

Shoeburyness though near in distance, in nature is far from the hustle and bustle of Southend. We found a picturesque, relaxing and welcoming seaside town. While we relaxed on the grassy embankment, the children were able to freely run around the play area and beach, without us fearing we would lose sight of them. The walled sea lido provided an opportunity for us to amuse ourselves in the sea water even when the tide was out, and many adults and children made the most of this! It was an incredibly serene and tranquil environment which was so easy and quick to get to! Thank you to all those who came and made our trip a success.

It was honestly amazing, we had our own family time which was great! My husband is definitely going to drive us down here again!”


The seaside trip was wonderful, the best bit was swimming, the nice things were that there was a lot of water you can nicely go in, and at the end you can look for creatures which is really fun, I saw a crab. We can make a rocky sand castle. Going to the park was really cool and fun! Climbing up and down the rocks was really fun. Having our friends there was better than just going with our own family. Thank you.”


Autumn Term @ NILC!!

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After a packed summer, we are now ready to announce our new terms activities!!

We have new and exciting activities this Autumn at NILC!!

Knitter Natter

A chance to get together and learn a new skill, inshaAllah we will be knitting blankets for Syria, run by Artistic Alauddin Fatima, calligraphist!

Thursdays Starting 12th September 12-2

And from 19th Sept onwards 10am – 12pm

£1 a session

Islamic Parenting Classes

Advice and tips on raising healthy and happy Muslim children. Behaviour techniques, communication, setting a routine, discipline and boundaries.

Free Taster session wed 18th September 1pm – 2.30pm


Thursday 26th sept 1pm – 2.30pm

Thursday 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th October 1pm – 2.30pm

£5 a session payable in advance.

Muslim Mother and toddler group

A chance to network, socialise and meet other Muslim Mums, while children are engaged in activities based on EYFS.

Tuesdays 1-3 Starting 1st October

Souk for Syria


Bazaar and charity sale!

Face painting

and more!!!

Newham Islamic Learning Centre is fundraising in order to buy an ambulance which will be driven to Syria by a member of the NILC management, on Human Aid’s December convoy.


Muslimah Directions Halaqah

Empowering local Muslim women by sharing knowledge and providing, support, encouragement and friendship, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Using Islamic reminders, and examples that we can implement in our every day lives.

Fortnightly Starting Wed 4th Sept 1pm – 3pm

Syria Human Aid Convoy

a member of our management team will be driving an ambulance to Syria on the Human Aid convoy in December inshaAlah. We will be fundraising for the NILC ambulance.


Umm Rayyana, from Ilm adventures accompanied us on our NILC Family Eid outing to the beach! This is what she had to say:



Days Out With The Kids: Trip to Shoeburyness


Asalamualaykum/ peace be upon you,

Yesterday the kids and I, as well went on a much-needed day trip to Shoeburyness which is on the coast of Essex, not too far away from Southend.

While Southend beach is typically touristy with arcades, a fun fair and a pier, Shoeburyness is slightly more picturesque, quiet and more relaxed. There isn’t an arcade or bucket and spade shop in sight!

We set off from Barking Station and with 45 minutes to an hour we were at Shoeburyness.

While the clouds looked moody the weather held up and the temperature was pleasant all day. We did have periods of glorious sunshine which glistened beautifully across the ripples of water that had remained on the beach. The tide was far out to sea.

The children enjoyed playing on the climbing frame near the picnic area more than they enjoyed the beach. A cut his foot on the stones and shells and I think the cold sea water and sludgy sand were a little too much for R and A to bear lol.

Here are some snaps of our trip.











We had been sitting by the picnic area up on the promenade all day but it was only untill the end of the day i spotted this…..


” In Loving Memory of Jim Abdulla….and Ena Helen Abdulla…”

Were they a Muslim couple who had lived in Shoeburyness? It was quite something to find a park bench in memorial to an assumed Muslim couple in Shoeburyness!

Soon after discovering the bench we ended our trip and completed the children’s first visit to a beach. The children enjoyed spotting the animals out of the window on the journey back but just as quickly as we arrived, we were back in no time to the hustle and bustle of London town.

What day trips and visits have you been on lately with the children? Where do you recommend to go? Whats been your most memorable moment out with your children or family?

Feel free to share with us!

Until next time,

Asalamualaykum, peace!

Special Announcement!!


We are pleased to announce that SISTERS MAGAZINE will be attending our event Building the Believers with an amazing offer of £3 for 3 issues! (normally £4.50).

Don’t miss out!

Be there!

Friday night Iftars

Asalaamu alaykum

jazakallah khayrun to all the sisters and brothers who attended our iftar. We had about 30-40 people, much more then we anticipated alhamdulillah!

We did have some teething problems! Timings and things, but alhamdulillah we learn so we can do better next time!

Due to the success of this event we are planning to continue doing this event on Friday nights during Ramadan. InshaAllah one of the nights will be a “bring your Non Muslim friend/neighbour night” In which we will be inviting Non Muslim members of our community to share iftar with us.

Many sisters also offered sadaqah and zakaat for the madrassa alhamdulillah, May Allah accept it from them and reward them!

If you would be interested in attending, or know any sisters or brothers who may benefit from attending, please get in touch!



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