Pakistan election result Discussion 15/5/13

Pakistan – A country in need of change

We all know change is needed in Pakistan, we need a break in the corrupt regimes. In order to do this we need to first understand the mistakes of the past, so that we don’t repeat them.

Pakistan has been a state which has tried to implement democracy, but has this worked?


Pakistan’s current system is a continuation of the British Raj occupation that abolished Muslim Mughal rule in the Indian Subcontinent.
-Pakistan was established using the slogan of Islam, but it was the British Parliament that created Pakistan’s initial legislation under its Indian Independence Act of 1947.
-Islam was never established in Pakistan, its constitution wasn’t based around Islam.
-Pakistan produced its first constitution in 1956, this and every subsequent constitution, including the present 1973 constitution, has been framed around secular British law.

Pakistan’s political history has been dominated by the potential threats of:
– India after partition,
– the Soviet expansion into the region in the 1980’s,
– America’s continued attempts to dominate the region today.

Successive regimes in the country merely implemented different policies in line with these regional developments.

All have been corrupt
All were American puppets which pushed American agendas such as the War on Terror.


Imran Khan

US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter, when asked by the BBC regarding the possibility of an anti-US government in Pakistan in case Nawaz Sharif or Imran Khan get elected in 2013 elections, said that he has met both the leaders who have assured a pro-US government.
Imran Khan has also been using Islamic sentiments to win votes.

This election

Police and staff of election comission were used for vote rigging. Violence at polling stations. Bomb attacks. Intimidation.
Just as Islam was used as a slogan during partition, Islam is being used as a slogan to gain support by parties such as jammat I Islamia today.

What does this tell us?

-Pakistan is not an independent nation, but rather a puppet of the US.
-The political system in Pakistan is dominated by dynastic families, feudal landlords and opportunist groups, individuals and politicians.
-Their sole aim is to get to power and enrich themselves irrespective of the consequences. -When in power they legislate in a way to protect and maintain their own interests.

– Elections enable this system by giving legitimacy to such rulers, even though vote fixing and ballot fraud is common knowledge.
-The capitalist democratic system doesn’t work. this is the reason why even a sincere individual will be unable to bring change.

Prophet Muhammad SAW said

“The believer is not bitten from the same hole twice (Sahih Bukhari and Muslim)*

So why do we keep getting bitten?
If we carry on in this system things will never change!

What is Democracy?

The ideology of the western nations based on separation of religion and state based on the ancient Greek system;

“ Render on to Caesar what is Caesars and unto God what is God’s”

Based on this it is man who is in charge of law making and the system.

-The rule of the people for the people
-People have the right to legislate, and implement laws
– as they cannot do this by themselves they appoint representatives who act on their behalf
– can make and change laws
-People are sovereign, the source of power.


The foundation of democracy is Freedom of:
Personal freedom – this means freedom of the individual rather then benefit to society. Therefore individuals right to consume alcohol over rules detriment to society of alcohol.
-The Values of individualism and materialism add to problems the world is facing. People do not fear the punishments, which allows corrupt governments, dictators and tyrants to prosper.

What does Islam say?

Last week we said
Al-Iman is:
1) Belief:
Iman is a belief in our hearts. It is to have a firm belief of “la illah illallah” in our hearts and all the thing that it brings. Every thing that we find from Quran and Sunnah, we must have a sincere and firm belief on that without having any doubts.
Iman is a statement by our tongue. We must state “la illaha illallah” by our tongues.

3) Actions:
Iman is to carry out our believes and our statements by our bodily limbs. After believing in “la illaha illallah” and stating it, we must imply it in our actions. And the way we imply “la illaha illallah” in our actions is by modifying our every action and deed according to the Quran and Sunnah of Rasul and our pious predecessors
We all know that Islam is a way of life. Muslims are not like those who are secular and believe religion should be a private thing that you do at home and not part of your day to day life. All of our actions should be governed by Islam.

Allah says “We have sent down to thee the book explaining all things, a guide, a mercy, and glad tidings to Muslims” [Qur’an 16:89].

The Islamic shari’ah governs all of the actions of those who are obligated (to it). There is no act or occurrence which exists without a corresponding ruling from one of the five shari’ah rulings (fardh wajib, makruh,)
What is Shariah?

The Shariah is a complete system of life and not only confined to a set of rules or punishments. The Shariah is composed of:

i. values – taqwa, morals, collective responsibility
ii. rules – forbid the values which lead to crime and the ways to do crime i.e. criminalising alcohol
iii. Punishments – severe punishment based on irrefutable evidence, to act as a deterrent

All three elements combine to bring peace and stability in society and so cannot be separated


The conflict

In Islam we do not share the same freedoms as within modern democracy.

We do not have freedom of speech; backbiting, accusations without witnesses, blasphemy are forbidden

We do not have freedom of Belief; a shariah punishment for apostasy exists.

We do not have freedom of ownership; we cannot own what is not ours, it is forbidden to own by riba, to inherit what is forbidden for us and so on.

We do not have personal freedom; we are not free to do what we want to our own bodies and lives, such as zina, eating haram, free mixing etc as the wider effect on society is recognised.

The democratic system is made by man whereas Allah says;

“The Rule is for none but Allah SWT (12:40)”

One of Allah’s names is Al Hakim – the legislator, to bestow this attribute on anyone apart from Allah is shirk, as part of tahweed is believing that Allah’s attributes are His.

Therefore to rule by anything apart from shariah, and to support a system other than the Islamic system is going against Allah’s commandments.

Al-Malik – the sovereign is another one of the attributes of Allah, Democracy involves attributing sovereignty to the people, to bestow this on anyone apart from Allah is also a disbelief and a kufr.
This means to call for democracy/elections/man made rule is haram as we are commanded to perform our actions according to Islam.

The Qur’an and the Sunnah have provided evidence for the comprehensiveness of Islam.

“and We have sent down to thee the book explaining all things, a guide, a mercy, and glad tidings to Muslims” [Qur’an 16:89].

 “It is not an invented story, but confirms that which went before it, and explains all things, and a guide and a mercy for people who believe” [Qur’an 12:111].

Islam is the message for all of life, for all men, for all the world, and for all time.

We cannot pick and choose what parts we want to follow and what parts we don’t according to our nafs

“Then is it only a part of the Book that ye believe in, and do ye reject the rest? but what is the reward for those among you who behave like this but disgrace in this life?- and on the Day of Judgment they shall be consigned to the most grievous penalty. For Allah is not unmindful of what ye do” [Qur’an 2:85].

Allah has given the Ummah the right of rule and Shariah specifies how this should be implemented. Instead of calling for democracy, we should be calling to implement shariah.

Non-Muslim governments and their agents who rule the Muslim countries, as well as all those who call for democracy who are counted from among the Muslims, whether they are individuals or movements, realise that the basis for democracy is the rejection of the law of Allah and putting man in the place of the Creator. For this reason, they do not present democracy from this perspective, but instead claim that democracy means people ruling themselves by themselves, with equality and justice prevailing among the people, and the accountability of the ruler guaranteed. Although democracy explicitly implies the rejection of the laws of Allah and following the law of His creation, the advocates of democracy intentionally avoid addressing the issue of rejecting the law of Allah.

If the whole ummah decides to allow what Allah has prohibited, such as riba, we wouldn’t listen. So why do we listen in this case?

Allah also says

“So judge between them by that which Allah hath revealed, and follow not their desires, but beware of them lest they seduce thee from some part of that which Allah hath revealed unto thee” [Qur’an 5:49].

Here Allah warns His Messenger against the non-Muslims, that they may not turn him away from some of the rulings of Islam, and this is addressed to everyone who will lead the people after him.
The truth is that the teachings and rulings of Islam in doctrine, in the shari’ah, in morals, in acts of worship, and in social dealings–they do not bear their fruit unless they are taken in whole, for they need each other. It is similar to a medical prescription, with a complete (regimen) consisting of a full array of foods, various types of medicines, dieting and abstaining from some things, and some exercise. In order for the prescription to achieve its goal, it must be executed fully. If a part of it is left out, the entire end-result may be affected.

And this is why the Muslims are facing the problems they face today.


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