Sister Lucia

Asalaamu alaykum

Today I went to visit sister Lucia in Brixton. You may have seen the video of her reversion. She is terminally I’ll and with a few weeks to live decided to take her shahadah Allahu akbar.

The house was very peaceful and warm. There were around 7 sisters who were there to visit her today. The sisterhood could be felt MashaAllah. Her room was filled with Islamic literature, Quran, dawah booklets, flowers. All gifts from sisters.

She is very tired but also determined alert and aware. She said little bit what she did say touched the hearts of all there. She spoke of Islam being love and her thankfulness in embracing islam and her love for her muslim husband who had been so patient with her all these years. A sister offered to cook and she said she liked her husbands cooking Alhamdulillah.

You could see her attachment to Quran. She held it looked after it read the English translation. When we prayed salaah and recited there was joy in her face. She went to sleep to recitation if Abu Bakr Shatri surah Yasmin as we were leaving.

Her and her husband are in need of help. Practical help to give him a break. Someone who could come in and help with household chores and caring.

Also we are collecting for a charity fund which will be given in her name.

Don’t let hassanat pass you by.
Don’t forget that which is certain.
Our death and our judgement.

May Allah make it easy for her and her family.
May Allah strengthen the ummah and the ties of sister hood.

“The believer to the believer is like a solid building, one part supporting the other” Bukhari 481 Muslim 2585

Let us support each other.


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  1. salams would like to contribute to the charity fund in Sister Lucia’s name please let me know how.

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    • Please deposit in that account with ref sos lucia

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