Take the right

if you dont watch all at least watch this bit

For me its real, this is what I’ve come from, what I care about…There’s going to be a revolution, it is going ot happen, this is the end, it is time to wake up, I remember seeing you on that programme where you look at your ancestors, your gramdmother who…. got f*** up by the aristocrats, you cried because you knew it was unfair and unjust, that was over a century ago, I have just come from a woman who is being treated like that….today, if we can engage that feeling instead of a moment of sentimentality trotted out on the TV for people to pour over emotional porn, if we can engage that feeling and change things, why wouldn’t we?why is that naive, why is that not my right? I am taking that right, I do no need it from you, I’m taking it”

Is it not all of our rights?

Should we not all take this right??


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  1. Lance Corporal

    لا إله إلا الله وكان محمد شاذ جنسيا

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