Niqaab veil debate Channel 4


Asalaamu alaykum


Fatima Barakutullah is not a nobody, if she says something silly on TV, there are thousands of us who will know, for me this is the first time I have seen her in niqab!

Is niqab something that has been imported? Is it due to “Wahabism” and the influence of wahabi oil money? Does it matter? If it is choice does it matter who influenced the choices.

Yasmin saying the meaning is women are dangerous and must be covered for sake of society? Women don’t want to incite passions against men.

The woman who used to wear niqab, trying to teach Fatima Barakutallah about theology! SubhanAllah she is the daughter of a scholar and has studied more then we can hope to in our lives!

She wore niqab for 3 years and was a nobody! Well Fatima Barakutllah is not a nobody! lol, the sisters who run Newham Dawah Team are not nobodies! They interact quite fine.

“We do not connect with the outer, we connect with the inner”. The majority of the communication I do in the day is done without seeing peoples faces!

As a Muslim you should know that you have a responsibility to wider society! Well man niqabis I know are involved, the ones on the panel are involved!

Yasmin says niqabis are betraying Islamic culture? Women fought and were burnt to remove veil? So others cannot wear it? Freedom to take it off, but not to put it on?



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  1. Respect to the sister who said “I don’t care how you feel about it!” LOL

    But seriously, just because a few are intimidated or fearful….so what?! Some people are afraid of heights and they still build high buildings!! Not everyone feels the way they do.

  2. Yes! clearly niqabis only care about themselves, selfish and confrontational and always acting the persecuted victim. Their pretend act of “piety” is ridiculous, there are many helpful and pious actions that are beneficial to society. Be modest by all means, wear a hijab and loose drab coloured clothing. How are these black burqas modest? if you stick out like a sore thumb and attract stares? its only modest in a society where this type of clothing is widely worn by the majority.

  3. Wearing the niqab is fashion, not faith, otherwise you are saying that decent devout Muslim women of the older generation neglected to behave modestly. So are we allowed to decide to wear a fashion item despite the law because we want to? In an ideal world, every woman wearing the niqab would be doing so out of free will, rather than facing heavy social pressure or punitive laws that force her to cover her face. “I don’t want to be controlled and told what I can and can not wear: that is oppression”. So, if you ever have daughters, what will you tell them? Have fun at the beach? The Burkha and Niqab are expressly designed to inhibit social interactions. That is what they are for. Do you actually have any evidence that women wearing the niqab have been involved in any armed terrorist activity in the West?

    How about it is none of your business what women choose to wear. People should be free to wear whatever they want, or even not wear anything at all, as it would be none of your business? Why shouldn’t she be free to wear what she wants, for whatever reason, if she is doing no harm by doing so? No matter what you choose to wear, you also choose with it how you want people to see you and react to you. If it’s a niqab, then you also get questions about your identity, and (unfortunately) the current suspicions of anyone who does not reveal their face. If it’s something almost indecently revealing, you can expect men in cars to stop and proposition you. Either way, there’s no point getting offended. People still don’t have the right to assume they know how you think or will behave, but you will have to deal with their assumptions. Of course, if you’re older and basically dowdy, they just won’t notice you’re there most of the time… I feel liberated by the fact that I choose what you see. And I choose what I interact with. This will not include you. If you do not trust me then you are not asking for my trust, either. “The niqab makes me feel liberated, and no law will stop me from wearing it”.

    Yes. Clothing can be an indicator to society and an indicator of society. Or it can be something to put on in the morning. In most western societies, a woman will be thought to be inviting sexual activity if she wears short-shorts and a sheer blouse without a bra underneath. In some Muslim societies she will be thought to be inviting sexual activity if she fails to cover her hair. But Muslim societies vary. Some require extreme cover-up. Others are pretty much like western societies. Sometimes people are sending loud messages about themselves via their clothing. Other times they aren’t intending to send any particular message. Some people read a lot into what folks are wearing, whether or not the folks are intending to signal anything. Other people don’t pay much attention to clothes. Some organizations insist that people “dress the part”, perhaps by wearing the organization’s

    Most Jewish women are puzzled by the small number of Jewish women who do this too. There is certainly no religious dictate to do it. Those that maintain this tradition and do it willingly, claim its a sign of modesty with a particular sect. The huge majority that don’t would say its just a way of maintaining control and conformity within the Hassidic sect. Nobody covers their face incidentally,uniform, perhaps by wearing certain colours or styles. Other organizations don’t care what folks wear as long as they perform their functions well.

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