West Ham Fans Praying

I was asked my thoughts on this video;

“Muslims praying you see they getting ready, then a lady comes along and messages
that some men are getting ready to pray or something like that.
Then the WHU fans start shooting irons to disturb the prayers.
Now Muslims and the express are in uproar.
My point is when u go to a place, whenever i have i always ask is there a prayer room
and if not then went to a quiet place with permission and prayed.
now if these bros had done that, the lady could have said we have given permission”

My answer

1) This was a special multifaith event which purpose was to involve local community in West Ham matches, we know majority of local community are Muslim. We Know Muslims Pray. The majority of local community support West Ham.
2)It was a quiet place, not in anyones way or obstructing anyone and management did not have any issues with them praying there.
3) Do you hear what they r shouting, “Are you f****** serious?”
Well are they serious? This is West Ham, They are in Green Street!
The West Ham fans are territorial they think this is their territory.
Well sorry, they have all moved out to Dagenham! This our ends now, and we are all for diversity, and multiculturalism in Newham! Do they walk from the station to stadium with their eyes shut?

4)Management got a whole hotel, loads of conference rooms. When they invited Muslims to the place they should have thought of this. They have got the space.

The point is, why do we need to pray hidden away?
This earth is made for us to worship Allah on.
When Olympics was on I went to watch openning ceremony on the big screens in Central Park, because for me the Openeing ceremony is something I always watched as a kid and it was an exciting event.
I took the kids, it was Ramadan so i took my prayer mat, and prayed there and broke my fast there.
No big deal.

It is amazing people can see something wrong with people quietly calmly praying, and say that aggravated aggressive actions in others!


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