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Knowledge is power programme.



We at KIPP2 believe that today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders, which is why our tuition centre strives to provide quality education in order to help your child attain the grades they are aiming for. We offer tuition in small classes and when requested, one to one in English, maths and science to students from KS1 to KS4 in multiple areas which include revision techniques, how to tackle exam questions, preparation for SATS and GCSE and much more. On your first visit your child will be given an assessment in all subjects he/she requires help from KIPP2, which we will use to evaluate of both your child’s strengths and weaknesses, so that the teacher at KIPP2 can work together to help your child excel in his/her education.Furthermore all our students receive regular weekly one to one mentoring where we work with our students to tackle any learning gaps, whether if it’s spelling, handwriting, times table, reading…etc, to boost their confidence and guide them to the right direction. Friendly, enjoyable, helpful and   interesting are the reasons why all our current students enjoy coming to KIPP2. It is a great learning environment, where your child can eliminate his/her fear and shine in their education.


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