The Fallacies of the Western Freedom Doctrine – the ‘Free Will’ Argument

The Muslim Debate Initiative

statue_of_liberty_julyvi-e1372976571766Below is an extract from my upcoming treatise challenging the philosophic basis for Western concept of ‘Freedom’. It challenges and rationally refutes the philosophic basis for the Western concept of ‘Freedom’ – aka Individualism, or ‘Freedom of the Individual’. These ideas form the very fundamental pillar and basis for Western civilisation, ideology and worldview – in other words, its ‘Aqeedah’.

The treatise is entitled The Fallacy of the Freedom Doctrine – 10 Arguments against the intellectual basis for Individual Freedom‘.

The below extract features the Third Argument against Individual Freedom, in my treatise. This deals with one of the major justifications for Individual Freedom, which is the ‘Free Will’ argument. This argument forms such a major pillar of the Western concept of Individual Freedom, and I am pleased to present it below for your delectation and edification.

The treatise will be complete and published later on in the year…

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