Seeds of Faith 3


Seeds of faith is a bite size weekly leaflet, which aims to boost Islamic knowledge and understanding within the mind, and inspire the blossoming of faith in the heart.

Please join us in learning one hadith, one dua and one of Allah’s name a week

Dua from The Quran


It was narrated by Imam Tabarani on the authority of Umar RA that the Messenger of Allah SAW gathered Bani Hashim and told them that:

“when any of them experienced depression or worry that they should say seven times,

“Allah rabbi la ushrik bihi shay’in”


Allah is my Lord I do not associate any partners with him


None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”

Related by Bukhari & Muslim

In this society, we live where people are shy to give advice or get offended to accept advice. When in reality, we should be welcoming in accepting other’s advice and give advice in the best way. This is essential for the fabric of the community and for your personal self.

You hold yourself accountable and question yourself about your feelings towards your brother, sister, or humanity and why you feel that way. We should seek to attain this level, to have this love towards a cause. This cause is a principle that we love and we know that Allah can give and He is bountiful, and not by anything else.

Allah’s Names


The names and attributes of Allah are part of tahweed (belief). To know Allah we need to know His attributes.


Al Muhaymin:

The protector, The overseer


 – The one who watches and looks after. Literally this verb is used for when a hen spreads her wings and covers her chicks. So protecting, guarding, completely covering and controlling.

 – Al Muhaymin is the One who observes His creation with regards to their actions.

– He will not reduce the deeds at all

– He knows what is harmful for you and what is beneficial for you

If this reminder is of benefit to you, please remember to make dua for the success of NILC and the success of our staff in this dunya and the akhirah


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