London to Brighton Walk



I pray that this text reaches you in the best of Health and Imaan.

Br Hanan Khan, a former NILC student, will be running from Manor Park to Brighton (in sha Allah) on the 30th of September for our very own Newham Islamic learning Centre.  He wishes to enable others to benefit from the support and guidance he received at NILC, and help us to remain in operation.

I will also be walking from Manor Park to Brighton (in sha Allah) on Tuesday 27th of August. Don’t give me stick over this, but I haven’t trained therefore success will be down  to sheer willpower and also what He SWT wills. I need your duas as this is a very big challenge for me.

I know my brothers and sisters have donated generously in Ramadan to various causes (home and abroad).However, there comes a time when we have to come together to support causes on our very own doorstep.

If I didn’t need your support, I wouldn’t ask you.  Brothers and sisters with Hikmah and empathy for The Ummah, now is the time that we need your help to keep NILC going.

I pray to Allah that I can continue to help children and families within our community but I need all of you to dig deep and donate.

Time will tell the benefit in sha Allah to the local community of the work we are doing and what impact NILC has on bridging people from various backgrounds and bringing them closer together.

What do we offer:  Madrassah/Qur’an classes, Sisters Halaqas, Sisters Tajweed classes, Homework Help, Support for families and support for youngsters and many other initiatives.

Since last October/December right up to August. I have had pledges, Sisters have been honest and have delivered whereas many Brothers, I’m sorry to say have pledged and failed to deliver.  I know in some cases targets were very high and times are hard.  But some Brothers have delivered, even tiny amounts of what they pledged, drop by drop.

Sisters have always been big hearted.  Brothers, can I respectfully ask you to be true to your word.  I can only operate and deliver when we all are sincere and truthful.  No one likes to put their hand out but there comes a time when we have to.  There comes a time in our life that we have to trust and do you know what, I trust Him SWT that He will answer my duas.

Why NILC?  NILC like The Rhythm Centre (Plaistow) is a place that Muslims can go to for help and Alhamdulillah is expanding on many fronts and we need your help to make sure that we can continue to operate and deliver.

I could have chosen the nice and easy life but I suppose someone has to rise to the challenge and make change from within, from within a community.  So I end with a quote:

When the light has sharply faded

And you have lost your way

Let another’s love guide you

It can turn the blackest night into day.


And for many: NILC is the Centre/Madrassah where they can find that support and comfort and they can be helped to find their way.

May Allah reward each everyone of you for your efforts but more for your intentions.

Wa asalam

Br Imtiaz Nabi


Newham Islamic Learning Centre


Ps I will ask for one thing, if you cannot help on this occasion.  Please get involved in your local Masjid.  You local Masjid is yours, you donate to it so that The Ummah benefits.  NILC was started because needs were identified with the Ummah and we aimed to address these needs because of the lack of ownership.  Alhamdulillah, this is what we have done and we have demonstrated.  I pray for your success.




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