Umm Rayyana, from Ilm adventures accompanied us on our NILC Family Eid outing to the beach! This is what she had to say:



Days Out With The Kids: Trip to Shoeburyness


Asalamualaykum/ peace be upon you,

Yesterday the kids and I, as well went on a much-needed day trip to Shoeburyness which is on the coast of Essex, not too far away from Southend.

While Southend beach is typically touristy with arcades, a fun fair and a pier, Shoeburyness is slightly more picturesque, quiet and more relaxed. There isn’t an arcade or bucket and spade shop in sight!

We set off from Barking Station and with 45 minutes to an hour we were at Shoeburyness.

While the clouds looked moody the weather held up and the temperature was pleasant all day. We did have periods of glorious sunshine which glistened beautifully across the ripples of water that had remained on the beach. The tide was far out to sea.

The children enjoyed playing on the climbing frame near the picnic area more than they enjoyed the beach. A cut his foot on the stones and shells and I think the cold sea water and sludgy sand were a little too much for R and A to bear lol.

Here are some snaps of our trip.











We had been sitting by the picnic area up on the promenade all day but it was only untill the end of the day i spotted this…..


” In Loving Memory of Jim Abdulla….and Ena Helen Abdulla…”

Were they a Muslim couple who had lived in Shoeburyness? It was quite something to find a park bench in memorial to an assumed Muslim couple in Shoeburyness!

Soon after discovering the bench we ended our trip and completed the children’s first visit to a beach. The children enjoyed spotting the animals out of the window on the journey back but just as quickly as we arrived, we were back in no time to the hustle and bustle of London town.

What day trips and visits have you been on lately with the children? Where do you recommend to go? Whats been your most memorable moment out with your children or family?

Feel free to share with us!

Until next time,

Asalamualaykum, peace!


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