Syria Cat Food fatwa

Many of you may have heard the rumour that Syrians have been granted a fatwa that they can eat cat food out of neccessity due to the dire situation they are facing. Is it true?

The Chairman of Sharia Office, Abu Salim is reported to have said:

Our office was formed after the merger of the four different groups. This office consists of sections ; section of a fatwa, part of the court and etc..Sharia courts was established to dispute resolution. Due to the war, security fell to the lowest level in many areas. Some people trying to oppress the weaks. We have established these courts in order to prevent it.

At the same time we have invitation and act of showing the true path sections. Invitation part is also working for other groups who resisted. It is a general section both inviting civilians and the insurgents. This section offers Islamic education. Some of these ; oratory , The Holy Qur’an ,canon law and etc..

Also we have an office established for training. As is known the education stopped after the war. To close the gap a little bit institutes were established depending on Ahrar. Fatwa decisions taken in the office are applied in Ahrar movement. It does not include the people. Court order is applied for the civilian population.

It is said that a fatwa given that the cat can be eaten due to starvation in Homs. Is this true? What is demanded from you in similar cases?

In case of necessity cat meat even human flesh can be eaten. In case of necessity some restrictions may permissible. The questions are mostly about jihad. Commanders, and the questions about life and property.

Apart from this, the only evidence of truth I can find is some tweets and facebook posts.

If anyone knows where this news originates from please let me know. We should always make sure of the authenticity of something before we share it.


Please remember our brothers and sisters in Syria in your Du’as this blessed month

I have already spoken with the main team and they are inaundated with clothes and tinned food put on alot of weight for the convoy. If you have any other food pack alternatives at home, baby milk powder, toys I know they are desperate for medicines (paracetamol, aspirin and first aid kits) nappies, or money! It is easier to purchase all these goods in Turkey so please try and give what ever you can. The collection is happening at the Buttercup primary school 59-66 Greenfield Rd, London E1 1EJ. The Convoy is leaving in the last 10 ten days of Ramadan to get to Syria for eid – drop off at school or give items to me and InshaAllah My husband will do the bulk drop off this Saturday to deliver the goods. Please pass this message to ur families and friends – you will be rewarded highly. Br Khalil (07811399380) for High Wycombe/Slough pick up or
Zara Rahman (School contact)
02074883010/ 07429112217 Please circulate may Allah (swt) reward you ameen


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  1. its a tweet from a woman in lebanon, and she posts the proof in the comments after her tweet

  2. this is link to the tweet, and if you look in the comments someone asks her for the proof and she gives it via link

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