People are political concepts?

There’s a time when we need to stop looking at people as political concepts; the belongings of a certain nation, the responsibility of those within particular political boundaries.We need to start remembering these are real people. With real emotions, real feelings, real pain. If they come to us for help, it is mind boggling to think we can say no, or we make them stay locked up in a prison, after knowing the trauma and ordeals they have been through.

Why do we say no?

Because of politics. Because of man made, random, political boundaries, which determine which person deserves the help and which doesn’t based on where they happened to be born. Because we need to look after our own first, make ourselves richer first, those other people aren’t our problem.


Where is common humanity? Where are the common ideals? the brotherhood of man? Universal human rights? They seem for the most kind to be hidden in pockets of “activism”. Not part of the mainstream consciousness. How many of us really reach out and put sustained effort in to helping those who need help. How many of us sacrifice some of our own comforts for those more in need?

If mankind can make their own laws, and it can work, and they don’t need God to give them morals, then why is nationalism such a disease and we don’t even realise it? We think it is normal to turn people away, to lock people up who are not guilty of any crime.


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