Productive Ramadan for Busy Mums!

Productive Ramadan for Busy Mums!


Plan Meals

Preparing suhoor and iftar may not be a struggle if you organise yourself efficiently. It may be helpful to make a plan of what you are going to cook for the day to ensure that not all your time is spent on the cooking and there is ample time for other important duties such as nafl (voluntary, extra) prayers, Quran recitation, dhikr, and attending taraweeh (night) prayers.

Build A Support Network

—Get the family involved in Ramadan activities, such as going to taraweeh or attending events.
—Ask relatives to baby sit the kids now and again.
—Get together with other mums, so that you are able to take turns in taking children to school and other activities
—Make a babysitting club where every week one mum takes their turn to look after the kids!
Schedule Me Time
—Use your support network
—Identify a specific time when you can be away from the demands of the home so that you can strengthen spiritually. This could be at night before you sleep, or in the morning before everyone is awake

it is important to ensure you don’t ‘burn out’ and ask your husband/family/friends for support – they can also be informed about this time  that you need with your Lord and will respect that if you tell them.

Create Mini Rotas
—Create a rota for tidying and cleaning up after iftar, encouraging your children to take turns to earn more reward this month!
—For mothers who have young babies, maybe work out a rota where your husband does the ‘night shifts’ in tending to the baby if he’s not working weekends for example.
Power Nap!
—Remember the advice when your kids were small to sleep while they slept, or whenever you can get the chance? Now is the time to reimplement that method!
Mini Halaqahs
—Sit down with your children and teach them about Islam
—Use this time to learn yourself. You can learn duas or Allah’s names, the stories of the prophets, or practice tajweed together with your children!

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