UK Deputy Prime Minister wants Muslims in Politics (but not Islam)

Political Muslims, not Political Islam!!
“At the end of the event, some people were permitted to have a special after-event dinner with Clegg. Many of the attendees believed that by fawning over Clegg, he would grant some political favour or attention to the Muslim community. What they didn’t realise was that this was merely a vote attracting event, hoping for more LibDem MPs to get successfully elected in areas with strong Muslim majorities. The shameless and gaudy self-promotion of the LibDem party members should have made the purpose of their visit obvious, but some attendees may not have noticed, being too preoccupied with reciprocating, in equal measure, their shameless adulation towards these ‘honoured’ guests visiting from their ivory towers.”

Zara Faris

30-m_1588389aA fortnight ago, representatives from UK mosques and Muslim community organisations were invited to attend an “engagement” meeting with Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats (LibDems) at London Central Mosque.

From the invitation, it had sounded as though the event would be a focused opportunity for some honest and frank conversation about issues affecting the day to day lives of Muslims living in Britain – possibly even a chance for attendees to take the Deputy Prime Minister to task on certain matters.

The “engagement” meeting turned out to be a mutual back-slapping fest of LibDem campaigners and party members, with the vast majority of attendees left looking on as mere frustrated spectators. Between the sycophancy of certain attendees, and the LibDem panellists who were chuffed with their own box-ticking of “Muslim” issues (e.g Guantanamo, Gaza etc), the toadying was quite embarrassing to…

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  1. Hey, at least they weren’t giving awards to the yabo who runs the BNP!

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