All that glitters is not gold!

My latest Project, a collaboration of writers, working on an online blogzine aimed at 11-15 year olds, the first issue is on friendship!

Check it out!

Deen Directions

One of the themes of Surah Kahf is the importance of good company, here is a verse which sums it up quite well:

“Keep yourself constantly in the company of those who remember their Lord in the morning and afternoons, seeking His Pleasure. Do not turn your eyes away from them to chase after the glitter of the worldly life, and do not follow the one whom I have made his heart heedless of our remembrance, the one who follows his desires and whose deeds have been lost,” (Surah Kahf 18:28)

And keep yourself patiently with those who call on their Lord morning and afternoon, seeking His Face;
meaning, sit with those who remember Allah, who say “La Ilaha Illallah”,who praise Him, glorify
Him, declare His greatness and call on Him, morning and evening, all the servants of Allah,
whether rich or poor, strong or weak.


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