White female reverts vs Black female reverts?

“The consistent themes flowing through the report is the need for increased levels of support for the convert community – and the converts’ own potential to be a powerful and transformative influence on both the heritage Muslim community and wider British society.
“Another of the recurring themes was the overwhelmingly negative portrayal of Muslims and Islam in the UK media and what role the convert community might have to play in helping to redress the balance.

This report seeks to dispel misapprehensions and misrepresentations of female converts to Islam.”

A key revelation of the study was the heavily disproportionate attention, bordering on obsession in some cases, given to white, female converts to Islam by both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities alike.

This is often to the detriment of African-Caribbean converts, thought to be the largest ethnic group of converts to Islam, who are often ignored and left feeling isolated by both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

In depth study in to female conversion to Islam in the UK,

more info here http://www.cis.cam.ac.uk/reports/post/203-narratives-of-conversion-to-islam-in-britain-female-perspectives


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  1. You know, this is the first post I have ever read that actually noted more than one “colour” (ethnicity) of Muslim. Here in the States, we are barely aware of “black Muslims” (mostly African) and what we consider the garden-variety Muslim (Arab or North African/Middle Eastern). Thank you for this! I only wish this came in stick form, ’cause there are some first-class IDIOTS around here I’d like to beat over the head with! (No, I wouldn’t ACTUALLY do that, but oh, the temptation….. 😉 )

    • I don’t normally talk about ethnicity because I don’t believe in segregation or emphasising racial divisions.

      Personally I never tick the ethnicity boxes on forms as I don’t feel any sense of identity or belonging based on race or ethnicity.

      It’s not only non muslims that need to be “beaten over the head with a stick” when it comes to this issue, but also Muslims themselves somtimes fail to understand or recognise the diversity of the Ummah and this is what this report shows.

  2. “Converting to Islam is not for the faint hearted”. So much truth in it. Becoming convert can be both blessings and trial. Sometimes the muslim community itself is not as supportive or just consider you the new kid on the block, racist issue too. And not to mention harassment or discrimination from non-muslim society when you are walking around wearing hijab. May Allah helps us all.

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