Apples in the Cupboard

Apples in the Cupboard

The other day my daughters copy of DISCOVER The Magazine for curious Muslim Kids came through the door.

“The postman always brings me these Magazines” She said
So I had to ask,
“you know I pay for them, don’t you?”

My daughter looked confused!
“But how do they get the money? do you post it to them?”
“No, they take it outof my bank”
“So they go to your bank and take the money out?”
“No habibti, the money is not real, it is numbers on the computer screen, most money is not real”
“Then what about silver and gold?”
At that point I didn’t know what to say! So I turned to my husband and said
“Your daughter is asking about return to the gold standard!”

So this is his attempt to explain it to her!

Say you have three apples, you and your brother and your sister have one each, everything is fair.

Then you say to your brother and your sister, give me your apples I will look after them for you. In return you give them a piece of paper that says “one apple” on it.

Then you put the three apples in the cupboard. So you have 3 apples in the cupboard and your sister and brother have no apples, instead pieces of paper with apple written on it, you also have a piece of paper with apple written on it.

Then you decide to make 2 more pieces of paper that say say apple, and you keep them. So you have 3 pieces of paper with apple written on it and your brother and sister have one each.

So there are five pieces of paper but only 3 apples.

Then your sister wants to eat her apple, but you tell her if she wants to have her apple back she has to give you half of the apple.

So then you give her half an apple, so she has a piece of paper saying half an apple, and half an apple

you have 2 and a half apples in the cupboard, and 3 and a half pieces of paper saying apple on it.

Then you want your brothers toy and you say you will swap it for an apple, but instead you give him a piece of paper.

The apples are the gold and silver, and the paper is the money.

How many apples are there?


how many pieces of paper?


what ill you do if you want more things?

“make more pieces of paper!”

Will you give the apples to your bro and sis?

“Hmmm not really, i can just give them paper instead and keep the apples!”

SubhanAllah, the innocence of a 6 year old!


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  1. She’s got a better grip on reality than most US Bankers do! 😀

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