An excellent article, showing hoe the Islamic values of mothering and caring women fit in with modern expressions of feminism.

Tyler Bickford

tl;dr: read this, this, this and this in combination with this

Recently New York Magazine published a long piece about what it identifies as a trend of wealthy women who identify as feminists choosing not to work and instead to care for their children full-time. I’ve had a version this post sitting in my drafts folder since last spring, when some of these same issues popped up partly in response to the publication of Elisabeth Badinter’s book The Conflict. I chose not to post it then mostly because, for good reason, it’s all so contentious. Maybe I’m less risk averse now. (Also for some reason I thought a good title would be “attachment parenting is a consumer good,” which is true, but man that’s a stupid thing to call a post about parenting on this internet.)

Katha Pollitt (who is right about everything), wrote a very good…

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  1. Sorry I’ve been quiet, been off on a spell of mental R&R. I hope to be back to my annoying self very soon! 😀

  2. I have been wondering!

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