Inspirational women

Inspirational women

Who inspires me?

There are many sisters who inspire me.

They are not movie stars, or acadmics,

they are not famous or acclaimed.

They are ordinary women living their every day lives.

They see nothing special or praiseworthy in their achievements.

But the things they do, the strength they have, is something that inspires me.

Their selflessness and dedication, their desire to please Allah.

They are the woman who take care of their elderly inlaws, for no praise, despite being constantly admonished.

They do it for the sake of Allah not the sake of people.

Even when the whole family blames them for accidents and illness despite the fact they were not there for the parent only she was..

These sisters do not say “no more” they carry on steadfast in their duties.

SubhanAllah I couldn’t do it.

There is the sister who despite being abused by her mother in law still massages her and goes to her in the night to ease her pain.

And now her mother in law has thrown her out and her husband stands by doing nothing, but even when seeking help and removing herself from oppression she will not backbite her mother in law, and makes excuses;

“It is her pain, her illness, she is old….”

There is the sister whose husband was removed from her side while she was pregnant, whose house was constantly searched,

yet she travelled with her two kids every week to her husbands new city and help him start dawah in that place.

There is the sister who manages her house, her children, looking after her mother in law and helps her husband run a charity for Orphans.

There is the sister who stuck by her husband in the bad times, despite what people said, and now has raised five beautiful children. She said she trusted Allah, she knew it was her test.

There is the sister who sold ice at the side of the road, in the heat, with her kids, who worked in a shop while pregnant and gave birth in the store room,

the many sisters we pass every day who have fled war, and lived with their children in refugee camps.

The sister whose brother has died, and years later her mum still cries every day, she makes sure she is always available for her mum, even while looking after her kids, her husband and her home.

These are sisters you wouldn’t know, you would pass them in the street, they don’t look particularly pious, or exceptional, or hardworking,

they are normal women living their every day lives,

but to me they are inspirational.

Inshallah I can learn from them.

May Allah grant me the strength, sabr and imaan of these sisters.


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