Healing a community

sisters magazine march 2013

When reading this months feature in sisters magazine on Domestic violence and the charities that are trying to work within our communities to combat this, I couldn’t help but reflecting on my own experiences.

Domestic violence is something prevalent in the community I live in. Most recently. on wednesday as sister cam to me asking for help. She was visible worried and distressed. She was also talking to the family support worker at the local children’s centre. After I spoke to her I sent this email to National Zakat FOundation,

Asalaamu alaykum sisters

I hope you and family are in best of health and iman.
A sister came to me today to ask for help, she is in bad situation. She is currently living with her mother in law brother in law husband and kids, and her mum has recently moved in as she had nowhere to live. The mother in law has always been abusive towards her. Her brother in law is a heroin addict and is constantly angry, stealing money, stealing things from the house and selling it. Her husband smokes weed all night and sleeps all day. Her mother in law has told her that she has 2 weeks to leave the house. Her husband said leave, and didnt help her. She has been to council who say they cannot house her go to estate agents. However she hasnt got any deposit and hasnt got access to her own bank account and child benefit.
I was wondering if there is anyway you could help. The sisters name is
Also the family support worker from the childrens centre is constantly facing situations of Muslim women in need of help and support. SHe is not an expert in social work or anything like that, and was requesting a contact number which she could refer people to in cases of need. Is it possible you have a contact that I could give her inshallah?

jazakallah khayr

alhamdulillah, a brother from National Zakat foundation contacted her the same day.

As a member of the community I do not know how to support these women, I cannot provide for them. I cannot advise their husbands. And for some reason our husbands are reluctant to get involved. Where are the men? Are men only the protectors and maintainers of their own women? and of course when it comes to those women in Palestine, and Syria and Bangladesh then people use the rhetoric “they are raping our sisters and mothers”. But next door your sister is also being raped, in her own home, by the man who is supposed to be her maintainer and protector. You don’t know. If you do know then you feel powerless to stop it. Why is this? where are the men?

Alhamdulillah for the men of NZF who are strong enough to get involved.

As a member of the community I am grateful for NZF and Nour DV, I know that when these women come to me, I have somewhere I can get them the help they need, somewhere who will understand and respect their Islam.

We all give charity abroad, so many people say there are no poor people in our country. But this is not true. There are those who need our help. Our neighbours have rights over us.

May Allah strengthen the Ummah.


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