“Why does a white American women need to overcome racism”

Sisters Magazine, January 2013In Laura El ALam’s article in Sisters Magazine Jan 2013 she explains

Whereas these days in the U.S it is politically incorrect to discriminate against people of colour, Muslims are fair game. We are ridiculed in the media, denounced by politicians and preachers and singled out for suspicion at airports. Few non- Muslims are insightful enough to that is the same, old ugly cycle of hatred and bigotry spinning again, with Muslims as the targets.

I don’t know about the reality of the situation of Muslims within the US. I have no experience of it. What I do know is that the administration of the USA has always used the tool of a common enemy, a threat to the American way of life, as integral to civil religion within the USA. Hatred against the enemy, whoever it is, acts as a tool for social cohesion, reinforcing the American ideals of freedom and democracy, highlighting a sense of belonging and patriotism. It is “us against them”, and we are going to protect the rest of the world against them. This created war, diverts the population, from the issues at home. “At least this is not Afghanistan and our kids go to school”. It also diverts billions of dollars of funds from being spent on supporting their own citizens. Instead of spending on health and education, we spend on drones and tanks.

So where as others say the treatment of Muslims reminds them of the struggles of African Americans, to me it reminds me of McCarthyism. Turning citizens against each other, making them paranoid to the point that they are afraid of anyone who has even vague connections with the enemy. Surveillance and set ups.

But what do Islam and Communism have in common?

They are both against Capitalism and democracy.

They both provide alternative systems for governance.

This is why Islam is so dangerous to those in power.

This is really about creeping Shariah!

Those who are against the nations government and ruling system are seen as traitors.

Now if the American bigwigs see shariah and Islam as a threat, why are so many of us Muslims so sure that there will never be a shariah run state?

Could it be possible?


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  1. I’d love to support you with the intricacies of your arguments about power and conniving, but I have to lean (more sadly) towards simple stupidity. Case in point – my wife, who’s a fair bit more left-leaning than me, pointed out a person’s argument on a forum, dissected the inherent flaws in the logic, and called it stupid. When the other person screamed, she simply said it was her 1st Amendment right to speak freely and call something stupid, stupid. The other party retorted that HIS 2nd Amendment rights trumped her 1st Amendment rights – threateing her in a roundabout way. My wife warned him that not only was he making threats (which is legally actionable), but that she was FAR from unarmed. His direct quote? “You’re a liberal, and liberals don’t have guns.”
    Matter of fact, we do – from my re-enacting days, old World War 1 bolt-action rifles, but they’re still lethal. (Assuming I had live ammo in the house.) And swords. And bayonets for those rifles. Which, after the dude called my wife a liar, she sent a picture of our VERY heavy WW1 British rifle with the 18″ bayonet on the front.
    For some reason, she hasn’t heard from him since….. 😉
    Remember, to paraphrase Einstein, “the only two universal constants are hydrogen and stupidity”. And at least you can burn hydrogen.

  2. Lol, forums and politics eh? some people (myself included) often get too wound up in forum conversations and just love a good fight!

    I think what I was trying to say in my post was not about individual citizens. It was about the powers that be (Zionists? illuminati? government?) using propaganda and influencing the citizens to think and feel in a certain way.

    I am not going to go around saying the majority of Americans are stupid!

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