Do you belittle…

Do you belittle dua’a and discount it
While not knowing what the prayer accomplishes?
The arrows of the night do not miss their target.
They might have a delay, but the delay then comes to an end.

Imam al-Shafi’i Rahimahullah

When Your Dua is answered!

When your dua is answered is an amazing feeling.

As a new Muslim, recently married, my whole lifestyle changed, I was lonely. I vraved companionship and friendship and the company of sisters.

I had tried many things, forums, going to lectures, attending classes. But a lot of the time it seemed like the whole world was a school playground. Everyone already had formed their cliques, and I wasn’t in them. In the classes everyone seemed to be family friends, knowing each other from birth. In the lectures I would try and smile and make eye contact, but all the sisters were too busy with kids or in their own conversations to notice a lone sister with a child. At toddler groups there were many I said hi to and talked to, but I just couldn’t seem to make that jump from casual acquaintance to a friendship.

At that time I was cautious of making dua. I have tawakkul. I know that Allah swt has a plan for me, and that what is written will come. I felt that I was not worthy to ask Allah swt for anything. He swt had given me so much, and I had done so little in return. I was not perfect, I had issues wiith my fardh, how could I ask Allah swt for anything? I did not deserve it.

Also I felt that maybe the things I could ask for would not be what was best for my akhirah. Like I could make dua for my husbands back to be better, and it would benefit us in this life, but at the same time maybe the suffering he is going through now, is cleansing his sins to prevent suffering in the akhirah.

Allah’s Messenger, peace be upon him, said: “For every misfortune, illness, anxiety, grief, or hurt that afflicts a Muslim -even the hurt caused by the pricking of a thorn – Allah removes some of his sins.” Ibn Mas’ud said: “I visited the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, while he had a fever. I exclaimed: ‘O Messenger of Allah! You have a high fever! ‘ He said: ‘My fever is as much as two among you [might have]. ‘ I asked: ‘Is it because you have a double reward?’ He replied: ‘Yes, that is right. No Muslim is afflicted with any hurt, even if it is no more than the pricking of a thorn, but Allah wipes off his sins because of it and his sins fall away from him as leaves fall from a tree’.”

so, would asking for his back to be better be beneficial? I do not know.

So I thought about the thing I wanted carefully. What did I want to ask for? I wanted friends, company, but not just any company, the company of practicing sisters who would encourage me in my Islam and benefit my akhirah. I looked at this from different angles, but I could not find anything wrong with the thing I wanted to ask for. So then I started making the dua, after every salaah I lifted my hands and asked Allah swt to send me practicing friends.

And He swt did. After just two days a random sister at my daughters nursery came and asked me if I wanted to join them for lunch. SubhanAllah, to me that simple, short interaction was a miracle. After years of trying and getting nowhere, suddenly I didn’t even try and it occurred  I did not go that day, but since then there have been many lunches and get togethers alhamdulillah. I knew these sisters were sent from Allah. There were times I became uncertain of their affiliations, nothing major, just curious. However I knew they were the answers to my dua, and I put my trust in Allah swt.

Although I don’t see them that often anymore, it doesn’t change anything.It doesn’t cause a distance between us. Also Allah provided me with more sisters, who encourage me and motivate me in different ways.

Alhamdulillah for sisterhood,

This is the way Allah answered my duas. This is my small miracle. What is yours?


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