$6.25 million Gold car

$6.25 million Gold car

An Emirati car painted in white gold priced at 6.25 million dollars

Omar Farouk bin al-Khattab – may Allah be pleased with him was asked :

“O Umar , why don’t you clothe the kaaba with silk?”

He said: “The stomachs of Muslims are a priority.”

Ya Allah please guide or take our leaders and give us Islam back in our societies , Ya Allah please unit all muslims countries under Islamic flag only ameen


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  1. There was an ad for a small Japanese SUV a few years ago (Suzuki, I think), that showed a blasted terrain of rocks, tree stumps, and ravines, with the tag line of “Come on, you’re not going to drive a $40K SUV HERE, are you”? I tend to apply that to all vehicles, including the idiots who “collect” cars and put them up on stands, and the huge SUVs people use to drive 3 people around (like my neighbours use). If you ain’t gonna drive it, don’t buy it in the first place. (Yes, I also get you concept that this is a VERY poor allocation of government monies.)

  2. Two thoughts coming after reading this post. First, yes i think the Emirati definitely too excesive spending money on a car where there are so many muslims out there dying of hunger. But then, it is also a pride for muslims as there is one of us who has the enormous wealth. (and it is also not forbidden in the time of the Prophet to show wealth in order to make enemy not underestimate the muslims)

    • I see what you are saying sis. I think if the aim was to spend wealth in order to show our enemies we should not be under estimated, that maybe the Saudi funded Mosques, schools, literature and so on all around the world is wealth better spent then an impractical car!

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