Israeli Voters Rebelling For Palestine?

The Green Star

With Israel’s election only weeks away, a rather remarkable online initiative has begun: Israelis are offering to give their votes to Palestinians occupied by Israel in the West Bank.

The idea behind this initiative is simple: Palestinians subjected to a military system of justice in the Occupied Territories, and wholly under Israel’s control, have no democratic say in the process that binds them. And so Israelis, to protest the occupation and this undemocratic dynamic, are offering to give their vote to a Palestinian and cast a ballot as their matched counterpart in the West Bank desires.

The Facebook site housing this initiative, Real Democracy, already has countless offers from Israelis willing to give up their votes as well as matches with Palestinians, such as the following:



This initiative, while modest, is more than symbolic, as real votes will be cast in Israel’s elections on January 22 as a…

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  1. Cool idea. Can people actually use the “given” votes, or does Israel cast votes like the US does? (It’s okay if you don’t know – gives me a cheap reason to go spend time on the Net! 😀 )

  2. cast votes? what happens is the Israeli goes in the ballot box and votes for the person who he has given his vote to via fb wants him to vote for!

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