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Autism taught me sabr (patience)


It is funny how once your child is diagnosed with Autism, his being, his identity seems to vanish.

His main feature is Autism

His personality is defined by Autism.

His tastes are consequences of his Autism.

Your child doesn’t have a gender anymore. He is not a girl or a boy.

He doesn’t belong to any ethnicity. He ain’t no longer a Black or a White child.

No, my friend, from the moment, your child is diagnosed, he is no longer Karima, Fatima, Adam or Yacub. No, from now on, just forget about it! He is just Autistic…

My point here is that, even as a parent, if you do not pay attention, you will end up considering your child exclusively from his Autistic angle. I am going to give you an example. Let’s say, on a sunny afternoon, your child “behaved”, no tantrums, everything went perfectly fine. So…

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  1. JazakAllah Sis for your support.

  2. Pity that, as we claim to move toward being a more civilised world, we need to rely on labels more and more.

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