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The Islamic LightHouse 

Look at the world as we know it and ponder for a moment.  As much as it is marvelling to realise its pristine state of design, look to those not bound by its majesty. Look to the self-proclaimed ‘civilised’ western world and the not so developed ‘third-world’ through the lens of an outsider. A world where the Nobel peace prize winner can become the biggest war criminal and yet be celebrated because he’s the first black president; where thieves can, by default, have a right over what they stole and maim babies in the name of their ‘right’; poverty is a must for the lion to have his share; trillions of dollars can be spent on resource-driven war’s by nations who claim to be liberators yet their own nations have millions of children stuck in poverty; and in these same nations, people are literally dropping whilst shopping on Black Friday’s; denying the holocaust is incriminated yet offending the prophet of God is seen as a ‘right of expression’; in the midst of all this, you are programmed to think your life is built upon self-fulfilment that has been defined by your carnal needs being maximised and the best of you have a motto called YOLO and a dance called Gangnam Style; everything tastes like an upside down pudding made out of chilli and I can assure you that this is under stressing the point!


Without being euphemistic, the light represents the Deen and darkness is all that opposes it which include ideologies that relegate the existence of a Creator as inconsequential or untrue. And this blog will be an avenue to culture the masses in matters related to personal, socio-economic and political issues with a way in which Islam can effectively solve problems in these spheres. The immeasurable problems we have are systemic and require a better alternative. In its application, mankind had become eternally indebted to much of its progression. This beacon of real change comes from the light of Islam. It is time to shed light (mind the pun) on this abysmal state of darkness caused by man-made ideologies and return to the most dignified way of living, under the shade of Islam.



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