It does not negate our tragedies

Our brothers and sisters around the world are suffering,

they face situations we cannot imagine or comprehend the reality of,

no graphic pictures can make us understand what it is to be there,

we get on with our every day lives and sometimes we worry,

then we stop,

what are we worrying about?

Think of Gaza,

there homes are bombed,

so what if my home is bad,

Think of Syria,

so what if it is hard being Muslim here,

no one is forcing me to worship a man,

and burying me alive if I don’t,

My child’s school is bad,

Think of Libya,

where they took the children from school,

at least mine are safe.

The sickness and death of a Gazan, or Burmese, or SYrian, may be in different circumstances,

but to person whose relative is sick, the grief is the same,

they may say

At least we have fully operative hospitals,

but we don’t need to say that.

We don’t need to try and feel less grief and worry and sadness as others have it harder.

We can only judge things based on our own experiences,

things effect us based on our own life, not the lives of others.

The tragedies of others does not negate our personal tragedies.

Make dua for my dad.


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  1. Forgive my ignorance here, please – I don’t understand what you are asking for. I do hope there is nothing wrong with your father that cannot be cured.

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