Where is Islam?


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  1. I think too much of the world has “moved on” to Gaza/Israel – until the next publicity-worthy event occurs.
    I have a question – I’m a bit unclear on what “Ummah” means. Is it referring to just the Arab peoples in the Middle East, just Muslims in the Middle East, or Muslims all around the world? My apologies, I’m having problems with the subtleties.

    • I agree with you, we jump from event to event, libya, Syria, Burma, Syria, Gaza, everyone starts fundraising and stuff like chucking money at it will help.

      Ummah literally means nation. Muhammad sas referred to the Muslims as his ummah. So it means all the Muslims. However it could also refer to non Muslims who are part of muslim nations. But it is commonly used to refer to a sort of muslim brother/sisterhood. I posted a hadith somewhere, that the Muslim ummah is like one body, when what part hurts we all feel the pain. Gaza seems to be the heart of the ummah. For some reason we feel it more.

  2. i havent encountered that side of u!

  3. We need to first ask ourselves: What went wrong?

  4. that is a good point. What went wrong? did the Ottoman Caliphates break down because of their letting spies in to their ranks, and allowing a gradual corrosion of Islamic ideals of decades? Did they fail as they stopped acquiring knowledge? because of decadence and corruption?

    What do you think akhi?

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