Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage

Salaam alaykum, peace be upon you,

I have been quiet these past few days, as I cannot bear to look at my wordpressreader, my facebook timeline, my twitter feed. But I make myself.

Those in Gaza have no choice to not only see it but experience it, live it.

“The believers in their affection, compassion and love for one another is like one single body. If a part of it suffers from pain, the whole body will suffer in pain.” (hadith narrated by Imam Muslim)

and now we are all in pain.

Gaza we are with you.

IN our thoughts, and our prayers,

We cry with you,

although our terror and grief is incomparable to yours.


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  1. Think of it this way – “collateral damage” was invented by the guys from “military intelligence”.

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