An Appeal to the Ummah in the World

A Collective Consciousness and TJP Production

By Siraj Davis


The biggest enemy of our efforts are not those of other nations supporting the crimes against our btohers and sisters. It is our own Muslim brothers and sisters who either collaborate or remain silent.

This is how every form of occupation is effective.

Look at how many times slave rebellions in America were foiled by slaves telling their masters. The majority of them were. The same in colonialism. Without the support of collaborators amongst the Vietnamese, French colonialism could not have been successful. It was the Emporor Bao Gia who first invited the French into his kingdom of Vietnam to protect him from rebels. After that, every Vietnamese ruler after him was a puppet of the French.

Can you think of any countries in the Middle East playing the same role?

Many of my brothers and sisters of Islam know way more about Islam than I…

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