I heard you sold your heart

‎”I heard you have sold your heart,
And that it was brought with words of love,
Little did you know they were fleeting,
Little did he know you were feeble,
Little did he know you thought,
That his soul fits in to you like glove.
Little did you know they were fleeting,
Little did he know you were feeble,
Little did you know he thought,
That he’d have to fly away like dove.

Sometimes, experiencing domestic violence can turn you into a vulnerable person. Having a hole in your heart from endless pain at home, you end up clinging onto a certain someone who seems to give you everything you have ever lacked, when they from somewhere and somehow by His qadr – enter into your life. This is where it all begins. You confide with them and your trust develops, that very trust you never had because the person who was supposed to love you, beats you, physically, mentally, emotionally…

Time passes and you feel whole again, your heart feels as though it is healing and eventually you plan on telling them everything because you feel it will help. Finally, someone who can listen to you … but then, they go.

For whatever reason this person cannot be present in your life anymore, now what happens to you? What have you done to yourself? You thought you were whole again, but now you’ve broken into half. You thought the feelings were mutual but it was not. You built that courage to hope, but now the candle has been blown out, again. Because you let him, or her, define your happiness, and now he, or she, has gone.

Dear victims and survivors, there is only one cure to your broken heart, and that is your Lord. There is only One who will truly listen, and that is your Lord. There is only one who will not break your heart, and that is the One who had made it, your Lord. 

For clarity’s sake let me narrate a person who has been suffering for 20 years, a certain someone entered her life, she thought that person would stay for ever and beyond, and as this person taught her how to ignore her fears, her trust and courage grew, eventually, unwillingly, she gave her heart. She thought the feeling was mutual. She clinged on to that which she has always lacked, till the point she could have told her new friend everything about her experience without regrets, and she wanted to, to justify her certain behaviors & habits which angered this person a lot … but before she could, her knight in shining armor left her alone in the battlefield. 

But the point is not to narrate a sad story, the point is to make one thing clear – she knew God saved her because had she revealed her secrets the departure would have only hurt a hell lot more. And here’s the point: had she that chance to say anything, perhaps the person would still have left anyway. Not because her friend was evil, but just because, there was no way her friend could save her.

So take one lesson from this, what ever you are undergoing, do not ever depend on anyone to heal you. People are not guaranteed to stay forever, but God is. It is He who created you, it is He who can help you, it is He who raised you, it is only He who truly loves. Cling onto Him, He will never turn His face, ever. He is closer than our jugular vein.”



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