We are the cogs

We are the cogs

This ummah is like a clock, each cog works together to make it operate.

The little wheel & the big wheel are all part of the same clockwork, as you realize if you think about it. In a clockwork, little wheels do spin & spin, & mesh with larger wheels. The spin & spin of the little wheels becomes, at the places where they join, the powerful but more deliberate motion of the larger wheels. It is in fact all the same motion, transformed. That is in the nature of clockworks, and other machines.

When a cog is damaged & moves slightly away from another cog, this hinders the clock from operating.

Thus that useless cog is thrown in the bin & replaced with another cog.


#Time is running out – blood is being shed – Allah is waiting to account

instead of being cogs in the ummah of Muhammad sallalahu allayhi wa salaam, we are cogs of a different machinery,

Shaytan sins big but we sin small.
Yet we are all, when you look behind things—and perhaps at varying levels of complicity—the systems men. We pay its taxes and walk along its highways. When it is victorious, we go to his party. And we even get to vote thumbs down every once in a while.
One thumb is trivial.

Whose carnival is it?

Of course, times have changed moved on. We only drive cars. (Cars built in the systems factory, where all of us work.)

But the system is a prideful puppet, a mighty voice. We shake before it, and say it must be subdued, reigned in.
Yet behind the curtain, speaking into the microphone and working mightily at the levers, why that is us too.
Without his men, there is no system. Without the cogs, there is no machine.
We are currently part of a machine which is devouring the earth, which is stealing any chance of a good life from our grandchildren.
Our prosperity—our fashions & our throw-away technology—is a product of the machine, and our continuing prosperity can only be purchased at the cost of our grandchildren’s poverty.
Little wheel spin & spin
We can continue, and choose to add our little spin & spin to the great clockwork.
Or we can choose not.

and we need to remeber, who is behind the system?

what is the conspiracy?

With whose help do the most powerful men in the earth rule? Whose work are they doing? Whose system are they implementing?

So we are cogs, Whose machine will we be part off?


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  1. And just as the cogs within the car’s transmission allows a tiny engine to hurl a two-ton vehicle down the road at a mile a minute, so too when we work together, can we accomplish efforts mighty beyond our poor individual efforts.

    • SO what stops us?

      can charity really stop world poverty?

      If we all work together can we be more then a band aid?

      • I believe so, but we have to rework our own thinking, and that of charity-giving groups and governments. We tend to “give a man a fish”, that is, give people food. We need to “teach them to fish” – give them the knowledge and the framework to raise their own food, in an ecological and maintainable manner.
        Unfortunately, the biggest roadblocks AND the biggest facilitators are national governments. Aid is given as rewards to “friends” and taken from “enemies”. I include the US – we loved Iran under the Shah, then we loved Saddam Hussein when the Ayatollah Khomeini took over. Then we hated Saddam again. How can aid groups help a people who may be our friends this week (the Libyan rebels immediately after the fall of Gaddafi) and our enemies the next (after our embassy in Benghazi burned)?
        And no, I don’t have any good answers, or I’d be knocking on the door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, asking President Obama for that Nobel Peace Prize of his! 🙂

      • I mean that is the point, we need to change the system of capitalism, imf, interest payments on loans etc otherwise we can teach as many people as we want to farm and fish but it wont make a difference!

      • Yes, to use a word that seemed to terrify a large part of the American electorate, a more “socialist” economic system would probably work better. Unfortunately, the economic super-powers, have gained that wealth through VERY non-socialist means.
        However – and this requires a shake-up I don’t see coming anytime soon – there was a time, not that long ago, when capitalism and helping people were NOT mutually exclusive. I’m thinking of the 1960s, with the US Peace Corps and development aid around the world. The problem with that model is, the Peace Corps was used as a “second front” against Communism (or the perceived threat thereof), and frankly put, we don’t have leaders of both the cleverness and charisma to put that off, nor do we have the clear cut enemy to work against.
        Both the US military and the US Government still consist largely of “Cold War orphans”, people who lack the training and experience to handle the threats in today’s world. And, to be honest, we have an unhealthy attachment to Israel – militarily useful in a Soviet-dominated Middle East, but rather silly today, at least to me. (I’m sure half the state of Florida would VIOLENTLY disagree with me.)
        Again, I don’t have all the answers, and I wish I did. I have yet to find a decent explanation as to why our forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq were not 1/3 Combat Engineers – I’ll pass on the discussion of our invasions in the first place, since I think we’d both agree those accomplished very little good, if any. I think the best thing to happen in the US would be for the GOP to fade into insignificance (something they are well on the way to self-accomplishing) and a gradual “shift to the left” changing our world outlook from that of Cold War policeman to that of helping bring the so-called third world closer to first-world standards. But nothing is going to happen during the current economic downturn – so maybe we can work the political changes now, and bring the economic changes along later. I’m not all that optimistic, but perhaps the unity of social media can push that along faster than we old farts of pre-Internet days think.
        And I just realised I have written something bordering on a term paper. Sorry, once I get going, it’s hard to stop me.

  2. people in Gaza know how to fish….

  3. don’t worry about the length, I like discussions.

    Do you not think they are doing their best to create a common enemy? I recognise elements of Mcarthyism in events occurring today.

    Can you see the political changes happening? pulling out of war? stop supporting zionism? cutting ties with Israel?

    I disagree with you, I dont think the world can change from within the present system. I think it needs a change. A change of the world order.

    • While I agree, in theory, that the “whole system” needs change, I’d ask how to accomplish it. Even the “massive changes” like the Enlightenment period following the Dark Ages or the collapse of the Soviet Union, have been changes that came from within, with over-burdened people rising up within the bounds of their civilisations. While it may sound hackneyed, the only mechanisms I can see of scale sufficient to really bring Mankind together would be a threat to the entire planet. Information technologies MIGHT provide the tools necessary – either look up “Singularity” at an excellent science-fiction site, http://www.orionsarm.com, or do a Google search. Otherwise, though it will take longer, I think we CAN affect change from the “inside” by holding our governments to higher standards. The Eurozone was one of these ideas, but even at its’ beginning, nationalism was rampant – records of early discussions among funding members show that some members didn’t want Italy or Spain or Portugal – or even Belgium! We have seen some positive moves using NATO as a tool, but NATO is a military tool, and so doesn’t do well with aid missions.
      At the risk of offending you, can I throw this back to you? What ideas do you have of stepping outside of governments, and what mechanisms are available? I’d love to hear your ideas – I have the feeling you are younger than myself (almost 50), and a bit more “hip” to how social media and such might work to circumvent the roadblocks of governments.

  4. I think we should go back to the seventies, by some land and start out own state 🙂

    No seriously I think you are right in a way, we need to have these discussions, and social media makes it easy to cross man made borders to have these discussions, we need to realise we are all thinking the same things.

    But obviously I am a Muslim, I believe Khilafah is the solution 🙂

    either that or we wait until Isa alahi salaam (jesus peace be upon him) comes back to fight the anti christ. 🙂

    • Ah, but you have me at a disadvantage – you know about both Muslim (?) and Judeo-Christian religion, while I know something of Christianity through a variety of religious disciplines (like Methodist and Catholic) and almost nothing about the Muslim faith! 🙂 (Yes, I know – shame on me! I’ve spent a large part of my life studying more earthly things like history and physics, and have only recently begun to learn more about things religious, as I was raised agnostic.)
      Though if you can arrange the time-travel back to the 1970s, I know all about the technologies available to us, and could even provide the music. (Disco? NO!!!!! 😀 )
      I must apologise, but I need to go offline for the night – I can’t work, so the wife earns the money while I take care of a creaky old house. Gotta go put it to bed, see to the pets, and get everything ready for tomorrow. We can continue this tomorrow, or I’m sure you’ll find a good topic to exercise my aging grey cells!
      I will therefore wish you a good evening, and “may a thousand stars light your way to peaceful slumber and pleasant dreams”. (Yeah, I try writing poetry too, and that seems to be one of my more popular lines.)
      Until the morrow….

      • Just one thing from your post I want to say. I don’t believe this distinction of dunya (wordly) subjects and deeni (islamic) subjects, a lot of people do. But I believe learning about the world is learning about God. Learning how the world works demonstrates the perfection of Allahs creation. Allah mentions in the quran about the the signs in the civilizations that existed before us, learning history and classics and anthropology is studying these signs. Imo it is all about intention.

        Also isa allayhi salaam coming to fight the antichrist is from Islam. The dajaal will be deceptive. Many will follow him. He will have mountains of food. He will look like he is doing good.

      • While I was raised with an almost complete lack of religion in my life, I have been picking up more of it as the years go by. Oddly enough, one of the great inspirations for that was when I spent a summer at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia – America’s version of th LHC at Cern, if you’ve heard of either. I had the chance to work side-by-side with a number of physicists for a summer, and found that many of them were VERY religious – something you wouldn’t expect out of scientists in our culture of “science or religion”. One of them had actually worked with Albert Einstein, who once said something like “I don’t study physics to find God, I study physics to find out how e made it work”. I’ve learned from such men that not only can science (or “worldly things”) and religion can live side-by-side, but that religion can fill in holes within science, and science can answer questions in religion. I had an interesting chat on another blog, where I stated the biggest problem is the word between “science” and “religion” – too many people want that word to be “not” or “or”, while I want that word to be “and”.
        Unfortunately, I’ve had almost 50 years of life studying worldly things, and only a couple decades getting into religion, so I don’t have the depth of faith you do. But I’m working at it! 🙂

  5. May God guide you brother, what are your thoughts about organised religion?

    I think Albert Einstein is accredited with saying “Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind”? I don’t know if he actually said it or not!

    SO you are a physicist? you study atoms in big tunnels?

    • I’m chuckling at your last two questions, no insult intended. No, my career, before I was laid low with chronic migraine-like headaches, was as a mainframe computer programmer working on systems like credit card billing. Physics has been a side interest, as has military history, science fiction (yes, I am a HUGE Trekkie), and many big moving things (railroad steam engines, airplanes of any time period, battleships and their history, and yes, even street cars and some racing styles like Formula One. I was given a strong desire by my parents to ask “why”, then to go learn for myself (they were not highly educated people). Military history has always been the strongest of my side interests – I used to just study the technology, but back in the early 1990s, I got into World War 2 re-enacting – basically dressing up like WW2 soldiers and running around for the public’s entertainment. It was both through the science and the re-enacting that I started getting into a level of “why” that transcended earthly topics and stared getting into the religious. I comprehend the whole “big bang theory”, but my question of “what happened 1 second before the big bang” has never been answered by science – but is abundantly answered in religion. In the same vein, why a person would charge headlong into a machine-gun spitting death at 800 rounds per minute is unanswerable in scientific terms, but handled by the realm of religion and faith beyond what you can see.
      I have a moderate problem with organised religion, in that I’ve seen the highly negative impacts of some religions – especially Roman Catholicism, between the Crusades and the Vatican’s silence during the Holocaust. Again, I lack enough knowledge of Islam to speak with authority, but I can see the same twistings of teachings generating violence in the Muslim world that I can see in fringe preachers here in the US.
      Hope that helps, without being too confusing. Would it help to explain that I have somewhat of a need to do two things at once – like watch TV while responding to you? It’s part my natural self, part “avoidance therapy” for my constant headaches. The busier I am, the less pain I feel – a kind of bio-feedback. I’m just weird that way – well, I’m weird ANY way! 😀

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