an open letter to the patriarchal anomalies guarding my freedom

Mashallah this post is amazing! jazakallah khayr to the sister who wrote it! chack out her blog too!


Dear Society,

What do you want from me? Please, I am very confused and I need some clarification. I feel like I am in a constant battle with you. I feel as though I have to constantly prove myself when I just want to be. Yes I am a Muslim and I have claimed my identity as such, but now I just want to blend in and be normal. I am not saying that I want to take the hijab off, as this would not solve anything. I am saying that I honestly feel that my scarf is the answer to all of your woes; yet you attack it, degrade it and treat it as though putting it on somehow wipes out an individual’s identity. Please, I am sure that if you were to look at the issue of women’s status from my perspective I am sure we could come…

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  1. While this is a bit of a joke reply, there is also a grain (well, two) in it. First off, the key thing you have to remember is that reality TV isn’t reality. It’s what the farmers around my house put on their fields to make plants grow, and I ain’t talkin’ water!
    Second, I’m old enough to remember when every “decent” American woman went out in public with scarves on their head, and that scarves were the epitome of haute coutere. I find the 180-dgeree turn from “scarves on your head are a fashion must” to “scarves on your head make you a downtrodden woman” ridiculous enough to be humourous – when I’m not finding it outrageous, which is most of the time. (Yes, I know the fashion scarf and the hijab aren’t the same in concept, but look at photos from the 1960s of any major US city, and tell me you don’t see most of the women’s heads covered!)

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