The problem with conspiracy theories.

The problem with conspiracy theories.

Kings will fight kings,
Pawns will fight pawns,
but who will fight the unseen?

So why is mankind in the middle of it?

Conspiracy theorists are like the boys who cry wolf.
When the one cries the truth no one will believe them.

If you try and solve an equation and one factor is missing, even if 99% is right, you will never come to the right conclusion.

That is the problem with conspiracy theories.
They don’t include the might and power of Allah.
la hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.
They don’t include the ghayb.

To make up for this they include other invisible presences, Freemasons, Illuminati, Aliens,
They forget the shayteen.

The conspiracy theories may have 99% truth, but of the 1% involves shirk, involves attributing dominance, and power, and any of the qualities to anything other then Allah, then Shaytaan has succeeded.

Shaytan doesn’t want dominance over men.
What would Shaytaan do with billions of folowers?
His only purpose is to ensure mankind ends up in hell.

So who wants power over men?

That’s right, other men.

So when the time comes, the final conspiracy theory, that the man you see is not who he seems, even though he seems to do good really he is the epitiomy of evil, leading everyone astray.

Then what will you do?

Will you believe?
Or will you think it’s yet another boy crying wolf?


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  1. My apologies. I didn’t mean to sound flippant or silly when I replied to you on my blog. I thought you were talking about the silly little so-called “conspiracies”, as in the whole nonsense surrounding President Obama’s birth certificate. I have a reputation on the blog scene as a comic and “wise-acre”, so I tend to be in that state of thought when over on my blog.
    You are right – we should always be aware of ulterior motives. We are judged not just on great deeds but on everyday actions, and should think and behave accordingly. And beware the snares we might not see.

  2. lol, no need to apologise!

    O understand what you were saying, makes sense about your dad, it is true as well!

    This is something my husband started ranting about now, and his rants are interesting, so I thought i’d remember as much as possible and put it on here!

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