Aafia Siddiqui talks of Eid al adha


This is based on a conversation involving Aafia where she discussed Eid Al Adha and what it meant beyond performing the ritual acts.

It was a casual social conversation sometime in the 1990s. The Hajj was about to conclude, and Eid Al Adha was approaching.  A point was made that perhaps this Eid is really only a celebration for those attending the Hajj as it marked the successful conclusion of their pilgrimage.  For the rest of the Muslim world it was only about the sacrificing of animals. As symbolic, solemn and beneficial to the poor as the ritual was, what was the cause for celebration?

As was the case with many of Aafia’s perspectives, the response was neither traditional nor focused solely on the logic of obedience to God, blessings for the Hereafter and remembering the enormous tribulations of the prophets of God. These reasons provide satisfaction and comfort to those…

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