Trust in God

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 23 – In Sickness and In Health.

This Christian blogger describes her expereinces, leading to the realisation that she does not have enough trust in God.

Her expereinces are also relevant to Muslims.

When something bad happens to us, what do we do?

Do we ask why me?

As Muslims we should expect to be tested, and know the tests will be hard. We need to trust in Allah’s plan, and know the correct way to supplicate through dua. As well as knowing the possible outcomes for any duas we make.

We should say “allhamdulillahi alla kulli hal – All praise to Allah in every situation”, and feel the trust and certainty of Allah’s hikmah (wisdom) witin our hearts.

“Qul, Hasbia Allahu, la illaha illa Huwa, allayhi tawakkul tu, wa Huwal rabbil arshil adheem

– Say, Allah sufficieth me, there is no God but Him, in Him I have trust, and He is the Lord of the Great arsh”


 I knew God could heal me, but for some reason, He wasn’t.

I was mad, upset, desperate, and nearly hopeless.  I did not want to die.

Although I had settled my eternal destiny, my baby just turned three years old and my son was only five.  My husband was about to enter ministry.  He need not do it a widow with two small kids.

I told God that. Over and over again.

I knew He cared, but I could not understand the purpose in all of it.  I wanted Him to heal me.

I pleaded and begged, bartered and bargained.  I promised everything from going to Africa to never getting mad again.  At anyone. For the rest of my life.

It all seemed silly, empty even.  God was not going to be moved by my temper tantrums.

One night I came to the end of myself.  I was doing battle with God when I realized I did not want to die, because I did not trust God with my kids.

I felt like I needed to be there to raise them, to love them, to nurture them.  I did not, for one minute, think they would grow up to be healthy, happy, stable adults if they lost me.

That is a lot of ego folks.

It was an “aha” moment.  All the light bulbs came on in my head and realization dawned.

I did not trust God.

That night I surrendered.  I gave my children to God and told Him that I trusted Him enough to take care of my kids.  I told Him if it was His will that I die, then I knew my husband and my children would be just fine without me.”

For more detailed explanations about trust in Allah at times of adversity, read my circle about being content with Allah,

 and also the story of Komal Rashid


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