SubhanAllah, what an amazing, blessed time!

It is Friday, it is the first ten days of Dhul hijjah, and it is raining!!

What better opportunity to reflect on the mercy of Allah! To make dua, to seek forgiveness and to gain rewards!!

Let’s make dua together inshallah.

Ya Rahman we thank You for this blessed opportunity.
Ya Razzaq, all we have is from you, please continue to bestow the blessings of rizq upon us and our families,
Ya AlHadid, Thank you for the gift of deen which we treasure, keep us always guided on sitatul mustaqeem,
Ya Al Muhaymin,protect the iman in our hearts,
Ya Al Fatah, please open the hearts of those Non Muslims around us, let the dawah of Islam be spread through us,
Ya Al Mumin, keep us and our families safe from the evil actions of every evil beast,
Ya Al Ghaffur, forgive us our sins and our weaknesses,
Ya Al-Hakim, let our intentions be always correct, and our endeavours lead us to, in this dunya and the akhirah.
Ya As Samiul Alim answer the call of our brothers and sisters who are suffering, oppressed and humiliated,
Ya Al Azizul Azim, let the Ummah be united,
Ya Al Hayyul Qayyum let us please you and be close to you, and let us be from the people of jannatul firdaus.


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