Unite Individually, Think Globally

AbuMubarak's Blog

It is high time that Muslims on all levels begin the process of uniting with other Muslims.  We cannot do this on an international level, YET, but we can do it on a local level.  It is time to bring our differences to the table and leave off those things that are not important and only use the the love of Allah and this deen as the defining of who is and who is not our brother.

Differences in fiqh, methodology, and application should not be barriers against the unification of this Ummah.  My sheikh vs your sheikh is not an Islamic concept but a concept by shaytan to sow dissension within the ranks.

This is not an advocation of sunni/shia unification.  This is not an advocation of those Muslims who support tyrants, dictators and oppressors. Or Muslims who advocate and justify spying on other muslims for the kuffar or…

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