Please come and join us at this sisters fundraising event in Aid of The London School Of Janazaa Funeral fund for those who cannot afford burials or have no families to bury them and Newham Islamic Learning Centres Human Aid Syria Appeal for Human Aid UK Orphan Village.

Contact Naila 07852882428 for tickets and info


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Asalaamu alaykum

Newham Islamic Learning Centre is a Community Building Initiative which was started around five years ago as a response to parents in our community asking for help. Traditional masjids and madrassahs were unable to support them, and therefore NILC was formed. Initially we started with homework help and football and now have expanded to the many activities that can be viewed in our calendar.

Our aim is to support the communities we live in, to make them sustainable, and self sufficient. We wish to enable parents and encourage children, and provide halal, healthy, enjoyable opportunities.

Our core services are NILC Madrassah and KiPP2 Tuition Centre.

Please have a look around this site to find out more about the initiatives we run, and don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Newham Islamic Learning Centre nilc logo2

  1. Alhamdulillah me, wife and my kids are working on this project. Basic details are that i studied the subject of tajweed in great detail but realised that all my friends from the street couldnt read quran. So i set off on a journey to make this subject really basic. In doing so i came out with 4 courses all free ( people are charging anything upto £20 an hour, trust me ive paid these rates).

    Course 1: pronunciation of salah
    Course 2: alphabet and basic pronunciation of joining and lengthening etc
    Course 3: tajweed rules
    Course 4: surah fatiha n last 10 surahs of the quran

    I also developed 2 books, a pdf for new muslims, an uptodate alphabet, a bookmark and much more. All is available for free , everything lesson has notes and audio.

    If i am charging anything fr bookmarks and alphabets its for maintenance of website.

    To date approx 150 countries, 2500 cities around the globe have accessed the site and the feedback is very positive.

    I have worked day and night to make this available (trust me). Im just a regular guy with abit of concern thats all.

    All course documents and audio are free.

    Jk khairaw

    Please spread this message my dear sister.


  2. salams naila, miss our chats over (virtual) tea

  3. We miss you In the tearoom, lots keep asking where you are. For dawah to sisters as well as non Muslims love?

  4. Please can you add me to your mailing list for sisters events. Jazakallah

  5. Though it is true I enjoy your writing style, I don’t agree with your main point of view about this one. I do delight in your website nevertheless. ceakgfdkaedk

  6. Hadiru Jamiu

    Al-hamdu li-Lahi.

  7. I don’t live in London or else that would be awsome for me to go and learn more and make good Muslim friends.

  8. Lance Corporal

    لا إله إلا الله وكان محمد شاذ جنسيا

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